The Modern Female

I am a girl from Austria and this is my blog about how to be a modern girl and the importance of female obedience to male authority. I believe in the good in people, the power of traditional genderoles, anti-feminism/pro-femininity, and that happiness is a choice.

good girls don't cum

Oh, don't get me wrong. i love to cum. i love to get permission for my cummies. It is an awesome feeling. But the key to a good orgasm is that it is rare. Rare and precious. Edging has many great advantages over "finishing" a masturbation session.

On my Discord server there are many good girls. One of them is puppy4life. And one of our great Sirs took her under his wing and made her do notebook or sketchbook or maybe the best name for it is a "Good Girl Book". Here are some pictures.

  1. Why edges are better than orgasms
  2. Feels so good
  3. Can last for hours or more
  4. Makes you feel like a good girl...
  5. Builds discipline and self control
  6. Keeps you nice and needy
  7. Feel sexy all day
  8. Can have a quick edge almost anywhere
  9. Makes you more sexually adventurous
  10. Doesn't feel selfish
  11. Makes you feel special
  12. No letdown/decreased libido
  13. Makes you feel submissive and obedient
  14. Helps you focus on someone else's pleasure instead of your own
  15. Sometimes "No" is the best word to hear
  16. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy
  17. Wake up horny every day
  18. Feel more feminine
  19. It's better when someone else decides for you
  20. Good girls don't cum

A very good and educational list. Let me reiterate on the last point: Good girls don't cum. At least not without male consent. Because when you get male consent for your cummies, you don't cum selfishly. You cum to please someone. And that is what female happiness is all about: we find happiness in pleasing someone else.

So even if you don't have a real life Sir to take charge of your cummies, don't just cum selfishly. Ask online instead. There are many great Sirs out there who will happily give you permission to cum, if you are a good girl. And when you finally get the male consent for an orgasm, it will feel so much stronger and so much more powerful. Try it out. You will never go back to boring old orgasms. Edging is just so much better...

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AMA #2

This was not really an Ask Me Anything, but i collected a handful of questions on BDSMLR and Tumblr and answered them.

I read your blog posts and they are great. I wish there were more good girls like you to be role models for young girls :)You have repeatedly praised "being slut" and encouraged girls to be sluts. But being slut contradicts being submissive , which is one of the most important signs of femininity. Loyalty to a man is part of submissiveness.How can a slut be loyal?

That is an interesting question, thank you.
Being a slut is about sex positivity and being open to sexual advances from Men. This does not overrule any rules your Owner sets for you, of course. It is more of a way to attract Men, to be noticed, and to get the male approval we all so desire.
However, even when you are in a monogamous relationship, you can still be slutty. You don't have to fuck people to be a slut. Men are visual beings, and sluts are nice to look at. So it is a lot about being eye candy for Men. Flirting is also a fun activity.

But when your Owner wants you to hide your body, you do that instead. Some Men prefer to show off their trophies, they want their friends and enemies to be envious of them. They want to show their status, show what a beautiful girl they own. Others prefer to keep their girl to themselves.

But when you are single, being slutty can be a super way to attract Men. And to learn to be confident in your sexuality. Also, it never hurts to learn how to fuck right :) You only get good at something if you practice it. And don't forget to find out what you really like. The girl chooses her Owner. It's the only choice she has in life, but it is a very strong and important one. It's important to know what you want, what you like, and especially what you don't like, before submitting to a Sir fully.

Hey, there! What's up with women's involvement in politics? Here in America, over half the voters are female! Politics have always struck me as more of a male thing, because it often deals with very serious (and often boring) matters and societal conflicts. And so, while I don't think women must stay out of it entirely, it should remain a primarily male thing. Why do you think so many women want to be involved in politics and voting and all that?

Politics should be a male only activity, passive and active voting rights should be for Men only. That is my opinion and some people disagree, that is fine.
But the question is not about my opinion on voting rights but rather why girls participate so much. And the answer here is simple: because it is emotionally charged. Politics turn more and more into feeling-battles. Emotions reign supreme and facts get ignored more and more. So it is perfect for girls. We love emotionally charged drama. That is why we watch reality tv. Also, our party is doing the good things, to make the world better, and the other party is doing the bad things and making the world worse. So we are helping, and we girls like to help.

AOC is the perfect example here - sadly there is no AOC equivalent on the republican side, so we have to use just one democrat girl as an example. She is a sweet girl and wants to do good for the world. Her whole heart is in it, it's so easy to see. She just has not a single clue about what's going on in the world.

Regarding your CMNF post, I've always had that same "fetish". It's not really a fetish; it's just something I've always been into. I'm a firm believer that men in society ought to be on top of things, and so have a higher status than women, and the dress has to reflect that. And also because, contrary to men, women's physique and womanly comportment have a decorative value in society, and so dressing in a revealing/provocative/colorful/tight fashion just means you're being a good girl for societ

This refers to this post on my Tubmlr.
CMNF is really something that is way too underrated. It is just a fact that Men look better well dressed and girls look better undressed. Though i include sexy lingerie in the "nude" part. Nudity gets stale after a while, sexy lingerie can keep it fresh.
girls are loved because of their bodies, Men are loved because of their minds. That doesn't mean a sexy body on a Man is a bad thing, but generally speaking, Men impress girls with their mind, and girls impress Men with their bodies. Of course, to have a happy relationship everything else has to be compatible as well, but if no one notices you, it's hard to find your perfect match.

This isn't really a question, but I just want to note that I'm liking the positive development of twerking becoming more mainstream. Just 10 years ago, it wasn't all that common, and was mostly a black thing. Now, every Jane and Janet is shaking her booty for fun at least once a year; if not for a music video, than just for a plain video or randomly during a party. Positive development. It's a girly type of dancing for women to do, fun and sexy/teasing at the same time, and gets them attention.

That is very true. Maybe my blog post about First Times, fits here as well.
We have to improve constantly. While it was once enough to show some bare ankle to get men excited, today we need more. Men cannot go back sexually. Once they had a girl swallow their cum after a blowjob, they can't go back to spitting girls. At least not easily.

So yes, i love this sex positive movement. It is Ok to be desired, it is Ok to turn heads like that. Sadly society makes Men lack behind here a bit. Because girls can twerk but Men cannot ask girls to twerk and comment on it, for the most part. We need to make this less taboo. But the overall direction we are moving as a society is pretty great :)

If anyone wants to learn how to twerk correctly and not just shake your booty, refer to your friendly neighborhood stripper Nina Unrated.

So what was it that made you decide to become an ultra submissive woman? Was there one particular moment or was it more like something that built up over time?

i always wanted to rather be the perfect girlfriend than having the perfect boyfriend. That was probably the main driving factor behind my journey when it started.

But nowadays i have way more profound reasons. i believe D/s is the only real relationship dynamic that can work. You always need a leader and a follower. Even successful vanilla couples have that dynamic, except they trade the areas where someone is in charge. with my parents (they are as vanilla as it gets) my mum owned the kitchen and my dad owned the car. they had clear areas where they were in charge.
It doesn't work if both people try to lead or submit. You need a leader and a follower. That doesn't mean the leader does whatever he wants, it just means one makes the decision and the other provides the input.
This is the only way to not fight and not create resentment, because if you have to argue your point and fight to make your position known and understood, you will have to pick your battles and you will have to accept defeat.
In a d/s relationship, you won't be defeated because your POV is by design very important.

Does your owner have requirements about your edging, masturbating or cumming? If so, what are they and do you often have times following them?  

i am not allowed to cum without permission and i have to do at least 5-15min soft edges in the morning after waking up and in the evening before going to bed. i am very sexual most of the time, so i do more edges and since i am very eager to do them, my Owner didn't set too strong rules. If i don't feel like it, i can skip them every now and then - but only because he knows that i am edging whenever i have free time anyway :D 

You have such a great outlook! I'm curious, does the-modern-female think it is her pleasure to swallow or simply her duty?  

i love cum. Except in my hair. Everywhere is fine, but preferably in my mouth <3 

I really hate the word inferior. I'm male and I would be considered very misogynistic by the vanilla world, but I really do love women and I don't think they are inferior. I would like to hear your thoughts on the word inferior.  

i dislike the word inferior as well. i don't subscribe to the superior/inferior way of thinking. i prefer the ying/yang style. That means that Men and girls complement each other. One can't be without the other, we just work flawlessly together: where one is weak, the other is strong.

The only way i can accept the word "superior" is in the sense of a chain of command. Men are my superiors, they are in charge. But that doesn't mean i am inferior, i just have a certain role to play: i receive commands while Men give commands. A follower is nothing without a leader, but a leader without a follower is equally nothing. We need each other. We complete each other. We just fulfill different roles, none is more or less important than the other - because our roles depend on each other.

You can always send me asks on my Social Media Accounts :)

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Merry Christmas!

i don't know if you celebrate it or not, but today is Christmas in Austria. You don't have to be religious to enjoy a holiday like this. Because even if it has spiritual roots, it is now a tradition of our culture. In German, we have this word "Besinnlichkeit" which is very hard to translate into English. Contemplation comes close, but Besinnlichkeit is more about contemplating about one's self, about what really matters, and the people we love. Even though it is a big consumer event, Christmas is supposed to be not about materialistic values. However, as a girl, i love getting presents. So there is that.

Covid makes celebrating Christmas hard this year. If you are feeling lonely or need a virtual hug, please always feel free to reach out to me or come to my Discord Server to connect with awesome people. Since Austria is in a hard lockdown, i will be online much of the Christmas break.

So merry Christmas to everyone, may you all be able to focus on what matters right now. Christmas Boobs!

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The Artist

What i like about the internet is that you meet the greatest, the weirdest, the best, the strangest, the coolest, the hottest, etc. people all over the planet. And on my discord, we can bond together over a mutual understanding that Men lead and girls follow. And we even allow political debate and no one died over the US election yet, just sayin' :D

But i want to talk about a quiet Sir on the server, Sir artist#2526. He does not talk much with words, but if anyone wants their nudes or other sexy pictures hand-drawn, you may want to drop him a note :)

Here is some selection from his works:

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What kind of panties are Ok to wear?

This came up on my discord today and since i am a bad girl and haven't written anything of substance in the last weeks, here is my take on
"What kind of panties are Ok?" 

Remember: you can't always wear slutty clothes in public. But you can always wear slutty and sexy lingerie in public. People may not know what you are wearing, but you can feel sexy without getting judged. i usually always wear some form of lingerie underneath my boring work clothes.

i personally think this is more of a joke. i do have one, but it does not feel comfortable or protective. i do think Men would enjoy seeing a girl in it, but it also feels too restrictive to really work. 

This should be the goto for all girls. It is quite simple, can be bought pretty cheap and in bulk and even "ugly" ones look sexy. Go for this if you don't know what else to take. You can't go wrong. 

This is basically the same as a T-String, except you have 2 bands in the back instead of one, which is a tad bit better. Go for this too, you can't go wrong with bands alone. Designs can be ugly, but pure bands? Nope, always sexy.

This is similar to T-Strings and V-Strings, but there is more design. Most of my panties are G-Strings. They offer way more variety compared to the other Strings and so you gotta watch out for the right designs. Definitely, the best when you find good cuts.  

Thongs can be more comfortable than Strings and still look good. Look for mesh designs to make the see-through. 

Now we are getting into more traditional and prudish panties. Tangas are fine, but you really have to find good designs and cuts. 

This is what i would call "traditional" underwear. As basic as it gets. You really need very cute designs to make this work. 

Because of the high rise on the waist, it looks much better than normal bikini style. The high rise makes your pussy "pop" more than the low rise of the bikini. 

In all areas inferior to the G-String. Way too much back coverage. 

It can be nice, especially in mesh designs, because it hugs your ass cheeks. It can add some variety to your wardrobe, but in general, stay away. 

A sexy form of "granny panties" but since those are the worst, making them a tad bit sexier, is not good enough. Avoid. 

Not good. No. The only exceptions are super tight ones that show a nice cameltoe. Use very rarely. Mostly interesting for Bikinis that you wear in public (to show off your cameltoe). 

Ew. No. 

High-Leg Brief
Not really good, but a high rise on the waist can be sexy. Less coverage of your intimate areas can give the impression of a "bare pussy" while not actually showing anything. 

High-Waist Brief
Ew. No. 

This is not to be seen. Use shapewear under your everyday clothes when you don't expect to undress in front of anyone. Especially with skin-tight dresses, they can be really good. But in general: use shapewear whenever possible. 

In that sense, consider using a "butt lifter". It can make your ass look much better without any effort. 

When looking at the sexiness of panties, think about how high the waist goes. You can't wear high rise panties with everything, though when the possible high rise is sexier than low/mid-rise. See this picture: 

i added red circles for the "sexy" areas, the ones to show off. On the front view, you can easily see why boyshorts or bikinis a problem. The pubic mound is slightly raised, so there are some dimples next to it. Those are cute and sexy and should be shown off. So less fabric is needed there, just cover the pubic mound, that is enough for modesty. Also, see the 2 dark lines i've drawn? Imagine them as guidelines, from your pussylips to your hip bones, they make a guideline - don't cover the outer parts if at all possible. This allows you to really frame your ass cheeks nicely. 

On the back view, i omitted to mark the ass cheeks. It is obvious that we wanna show them off as much as possible. But also there are other areas we need to focus on. Below the ass cheeks lies the "gluteal fold". This is what makes your ass "pop". It is touch to accentuate it without shapewear, so the easiest solution is to let it just be completely uncovered. If you cover it, you take some "pop" away from your ass. 

The upper area is where "tramp stamps" try to draw focus as well. With low-cut jeans, you can even show some "ass cleavage" like that, but V-Strings for example, or some G-Strings can really add some impressions there. T-Strings are bad here, that is why V-Strings are a bit better.

Of course, the bottom line is to wear what makes you feel sexy. Paris Hilton says: No matter what a girl wears if she is confident, she is sexy. And i stick to this. But if you want to wear something sexier, use this guide.

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Happy Nationalfeiertag, dear Austria

Today is Nationalfeiertag in Austria. It's is kind of like our "Independence Day".
After the Second World War, Austria was occupied by the 4 winners of the war, USA, France, Great Britain, and Russia. The whole nation was split into the 4 allied zones.

In 1955 they all signed a contract to give us back our independence. They removed all troops and we guaranteed to stay a free democracy. On October 26th we also signed a law to state our "everlasting neutrality" to never ever again participate in any armed conflict. This, for example, is the reason we will never enter into NATO and was even a big problem for our entry into the European Union. Morality like this really impacts a lot of Austria's foreign policies and even though we are a small country (9 million inhabitants) we host many UN-Organization's Headquarters, among them IAEA (organization to inhibit the use of nuclear power for war efforts), UNIDO (organization to assist countries with their industrial growth and development), UNCITRAL (organization for international trade law), OPEC (organization of most oil-exporting countries) and of course many other offices for UN or other organizations like it.

So even while very small and essentially without any real military strength, Austria is often involved in international affairs, mainly because we have a very good track record of being unbiased.

This and many other reasons mean, today i am a proud girl saying: I Am From Austria. Even though it's in German, I hope this video gives you small peek into our soul - it is the in unofficial Austrian Anthem and everyone knows it by heart.

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Mirror of: How to Rate Girls Out of Ten: The Scale Defined

by Sean Lind, June 13th, 2011 (original URL: He used to run, but sadly he took the site offline. I referenced this one post from him a lot, so here it is. Not my content, just a mirror. You may know my Girl Ordering series and i stand by my belief that ordering girls is a superior method to rating girls, but nevertheless if you are into rating girls, this guide here is about how to do it right.

Regardless of who you are, or what you’re into, I can pretty much guarantee you’re familiar with the base ten female rating scale. 

The problem with this scale is every man has created his own definition of what each number represents. This is somewhat understandable as one man’s 2 can be another man’s 10. This is a quirk of life we should all be thankful for as every time a guy takes a dive we not only pull the grenade from the game, but it’s just one less guy to usurp in the field. 

For this reason alone, any guy happily out hogging should be left to do so in peace. While you might not want to see your buddy leave with Jabba the Hut, he’s doing a service to everyone else in the game. Plus if that’s what gets him off, who are you to deprive him? 

If you’re one of these men, then this scale is not for you personally, but as a point of reference to be used when talking to other Men. Nothing will label as an outcast quicker than claiming Rosie O’Donnell as the top of your celebrity fuck list. 

Setting the Limits 

The biggest mistake men make with the base ten rating scale is not applying hard limits. If your scale goes from 1-10, no girl can be an 11. This is science people, and in science everything has to fall on or within the limits of your scale.

This means a 1 has to be the ugliest girl in the world, and a 10 has to be the sexiest. If you label a girl as a 10, and then find a sexier girl who clearly trumps her, she will take the top slot, bumping everyone else down to their appropriate categories. You don’t add new numbers to scale or the entire thing becomes diluted and frivolous. 

The Law of Averages 

Since the straight sexual appeal of a girl is completely subjective, and every girl can move up or down the scale by a point or two depending on when and where you see them, the scale needs to be populated by the average score of the girl in question.

We’ve all taken home an 8 from the bar, only to wake up next to a 6. Thanks to high-heel shoes, low-cut tops, soft lips and hard drinks the girl’s original score can be greatly inflated. It’s up to you to take the average of the good, the bad and the ugly versions of the girl; then adjust her score accordingly. 

I’ve known girls who walk around as a 6, but will turn every guy’s head once the sun has set and the girl has performed some sort of sex-appeal witchcraft in the hours before heading out. In a scenario like this with a 6-8 split it’s best to simply take the average and slot her in as a 7. This way your rating is always in the ballpark, regardless of the time of day. 

Efficiency > Accuracy 

The entire point of this scale is to have a quick, and accurate, way to rate girls and relay that rating to our friends. Accuracy is always important, but the subjectiveness of the scale makes it a waste of time to get too anal about the issue. 

Focus on being efficient, and bend the rules when need be. Technically our top limit of 10 should be reserved exclusively for the hottest girl in the world. In reality, the 10 slot will fit for any of the hottest girls in the world. For example, it would stupid to spend the time trying to slot the girls below into their own rankings, when they can all be lumped into the top slot.

Pro Tip: If they’re an official Victoria’s Secret model, they’re a 10. Don’t bother putting more thought into it than that. To be honest, the difference between a 9 and a 10 is almost negligible. It really just comes down to public opinion. There are many models out there just as beautiful as the best Victoria’s Secret models, but it’s that “official” validation which puts them over the top. 

Don’t Fear the Fraction 

There are billions of girls in this world, and only 10 slots on our scale. You’re going to come across girls who just don’t fit well at any rank. In cases like this it’s fine to rock a fraction. That being said there are a couple of rules when it comes to female rating fractions. 

Rule 1: Rounding 

Any girl landing below the halfway point of two rankings must be rounded down to the lower ranking. For example a girl rated as a 7.3 would be relegated to a 7.
A .6 is always rounded down to .5 

Rule 2: Mid or High 

Referring back to Efficiency > Accuracy, it doesn’t make sense to fret over a girl being a 7.8 or a 7.9. If she’s more than midway, she’s simply a “high seven”. Trying to nail down an exact decimal is a waste of time. 

In short: A girl is a 7, a 7.5 or a high 7. Any other options are frivolous. 

Don’t Waste Time below the Median 

If a girl is less than a 5, she’s not worth the energy of slotting into the scale on the fly. Slots 1-4 are there in case you need them, but when you’re in the game those girls are simply not worth the ink. Then again if you’re lucky enough to come across a legitimate 1, that’s definitely something worth taking note. 

I’m not sure who or what the ugliest girl in the world would look like, but I’m pretty sure it’s epic-as-fuck. In fact if you come across it, take a picture and ship it my way. You can get at me on twitter or email me. 

There you have it; the finer workings of the base ten ranking scale. It’s up to you to decide where your range of acceptability fits. Where you put your personal basement is up to you, just know this: this is the way the scale works, it is how girls are judged, and depending on the girls you spend time with it is how you will be judged. 

If you’re happy below the median, that’s your choice. Just be prepared to weather the bro-back. 

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