The Modern Female

I am a girl from Austria and this is my blog about how to be a modern girl and the importance of female obedience to male authority. I believe in the good in people, the power of traditional genderoles, anti-feminism/pro-femininity, and that happiness is a choice.

AMA #1

So i did a fun little Ask Me Anything on BDSMler last week. Here are the questions and my answers.

If you had the immediate ability to move to an American city (or state), which would you pick?

LA, no doubt. i love LA and would love to live there. Awesome weather and celebrities as neighbours.

You ever went through a phase where you "felt" feminist? Not necessarily in the political sense, but just a general state of mind of, "I don't want to be some pretty object in society!" "I don't need a man to take care of me!", that kind of thing.

Sure. Sometimes it can be annoying to follow rules while my Owner has none to follow. Especially with orgasms this can get annoying. But i also think it's easy to look at the advantages and ignore the disadvantages of this.

i follow the rules to keep me from facing too many responsibilities. And yes, sometimes rules suck and i'd rather decide for myself. But only because i don't think of the responsibilities and consequences that comes with that.

However, i always wanted a Man to take care of me. And maybe sometimes in anger i shout "i dont need a man", but deep down i know i want a Man to take care and take ownership of me.

Do you think that chick in the last picture you posted will get an A? I think she will.

The "ask me anything" girl? i dunno. Is that her teacher?

In school we had certain (sadly way too few) teachers that could get influenced during an oral test by the right clothing. Also some girl teachers that would react negatively to a short skirt. Teachers do let their students clothing influence their grades. Never let anyone tell you differently. 

You think women should vote like their men? I think they should. If he's the one that takes care of the household, then you ought to vote in the way he consider's in the family's best interest. What's your take?

i am against women suffering. oh, i mean women's sufferage. Politics is inherently male. And most girls don't really care about politics anyway, so they vote whatever their boyfriend tells them to vote anyway. At least in Austria it is like this. It is not like the guys say: "you gotta vote for him" but since girls don't know about politics they vote for the guy their boyfriend speaks positively (or in Austria it is more like "least negatively") about.

So i'd even say get rid off the voting right for girls. Nothing good can come from that anyway. 

What do you think about the legalization of polygamy? 

Is it forbidden? i didnt know that. But i think there are 2 different things: sex and relationship. It is perfectly fine to have sex with lots of people. i dont see anything wrong with that.

However, i want to be my Man's number 1. He can fuck other girls, but he only cuddles with me. i gotta be his most prized possession, his wet dream. i need to be that, other wise i can't function. But fucking other girls is fine. i wouldn't mind riding some other dick :D

So, sure. If everyone involved is fine with it, a Man should be able to marry more girls if he feels like he can give all what they need. It is definitely not for me, but i also believe that people should live their life they enjoy the most (as long as they don't hurt people by doing so). 

Thoughts on rape?

Rape is illegal. Don't do anything illegal!

Just imagine, what if the girl you raped was Dwayne Johnsons girl? Would you really risk that? No, it's stupid.

So always get consent before you fuck a girl. Either from her or from her Owner. Then you are on the safe side :) 

What would you look for in a real life partner/master?  

i do already have my perfect Owner :) (and if we count Drake, who basically loves me, he just needs to notice me internet stalking him first, i basically have 2 perfect partners :D)

But a general view of a perfect partner is best said by Katy B in Easy Please Me.

You don't have to have a lot of money
All you've got to have is fire burning deep in your soul
If you have a dream for something that you love
I'll support you, yeah, I'll play my role

Now I won't call you twenty times a day
'cause I've got my own shit to do
When you see my name flashing on your phone
I want you to feel butterflies coming on through

Now one thing I can't stand is arrogance
There's no way that we would ever get along
But one thing I love is confidence
And humility to know when you've been wrong

Now I love a bad boy mentality
But I don't want to be visiting no jail
Just know if there's someone out there mocking me
Be my gangster when it's time to get real

This is a super guide and an awesome song.

It is, like most things in life, about attitude. Men have to be confident and strong. Not strong in the physical sense, but that helps as well, but strong in the sense that they know what they want and they know how to get it. But don't put up a facade and play the role of the elusive gentleman, be yourself, be happy with yourself.

i see lots of Men on BDSMler, Fetlife, Discord, etc. playing a role. They try to be what they think a girl wants. But what we really want is someone real. It is Ok to have fears, it is Ok to have worries and it is Ok to sometimes not know what to do. It is about how you approach those difficulties. And remember: to be in charge of a girl means, you have to be in charge of your life first.

Have you ever had anal sex and if so did you enjoy it? 

i have had anal sex, yes. It is my least favorite hole though. It is not like it is awful, but i don't really like it that much. i do, however, enjoy it when my Owner enjoys me. So it is fine.

"In Austria, girls don't care that much about politics."

Consider yourselves extremely lucky. In the US, women make up the majority of not just the electorate but of voters as well. Typically, the single ones lean left, and the married ones vote right-wing the keep the money in the family and the streets safe, especially if they have kids.

If the 19th amendment were repealed, we'd be having a lot less of a SWJs and feminism problem. Although, not that much less because most states would probably still allow women to fully vote.

tbh, i don't really know how many girls and Men vote in Austria. i can only speak about my friends and colleagues.

But anything to reduce SJW and feminism is a good thing in my book. So away with the votes already :) 

Re: the other AMA. Polygamy in the sense of multiple marriages is technically illegal -- though the enforcement varies from state to state -- but most can get around it by simply only marrying one girl formally and the others informally. Those who watched Sister Wives know how that works.

Polygamy in the sense of having multiple, non-marital relationships or impregnating multiple women, however, is legal.

thank you for explaining :) 

Why do girls want their men to cuddle, talk about feelings, and do girl stuff? I hate that. These things are why God created your girlfriends.

Because we are girls. We want girly stuff. And if you want us to give you what you want, you gotta give us what we want :)

i wrote a little something "Sex vs Relationship" a while ago. It looks at it a bit more from the girl perspective: why do Men want sex and not cuddles :D

But yes, we are different. And we both have to make concessions to work together. You get blowjobs and we get hand holding in public.

Do you let your partner choose your clothes or what you wear?  

My Owner decides what is allowed in my wardrobe. So whenever i buy clothes or get clothes my Owner approves them first. Then i can chose freely between those clothes. Every now and then he requests a certain dress or lingerie set, but usually i can chose what i wear from the clothes he allows.

You can always send me asks on my Social Media Accounts :)

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Try wearing a shorter skirt!

Try wearing a shorter skirt tomorrow than you did today. And repeat each day :) Especially now in the summer, there is no excuse for wearing anything else than a skirt. And if you are already wearing one, just go shorter!

There is no such thing as a too short skirt. You can always go shorter. Just try to do it, the effect it has on Men will be mesmerizing to you. Just don’t forget the matching High Heels to really accentuate your legs. You don’t have to go overboard on the first day. Just steadily, each day a little shorter than the last day. And if you are scared the skirt is too short, just wear boyshorts underneath until you are more comfortable in thongs or going commando. Skirts are fun, so have fun with them. But always keep improving. Even if it is just 1mm each day...

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Only 2 things matter!

Your beauty and your obedience. Everything else is really pretty much unimportant. Well, not really unimportant - things like being a good cook, being a good fuck, and things like that do matter, but beauty and obedience are the basics. The minimum requirement to be a good girl. So try to work on your beauty when you are on your own and try to work on your obedience when you are in the company of Men.

Unpretty girls never get the attention they need and disobedient girls never keep the attention they received. So, dear girls, stay beautiful and work on your body. Get a gym membership, do sports, learn new makeup tricks, go on a shopping spree for slutty clothes,... Do whatever it takes to be the most beautiful version of yourself. Be the most pretty you possible. Remember that beauty comes in many forms and not everyone can have Gigi Hadid's hair, Kim Kardashian Wests' ass, Britney Spears' abs, Aletta Ocean's tits, Kendall Jenner's face, and Rihanna's legs. But just because you don't look like a supermodel (yet) doesn't mean you can slack off. Perfection is not something we ever gonna reach, it is a goal to strive for.

And, for the love god, dear girls, always and i can't stress this enough, always be as obedient as possible. Men have to deal with so much stressful and unfun stuff all day, they really don't need you to add to that. When interacting with a Man, always be super submissive and follow every order to the dot.

If you always keep those 2 simple things in mind, you will find happiness. i promise :)

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Guest Post: IQ and gender

Nowadays a lot of people think that men and girls are 100% equal in all areas. However, they forget that there are a lot of biological differences between our genders. One of them, for example, is how our brain works. This does not mean one is better than the other, just that they work differently.

So without further ado, here is a post by Robert Benson from the Disqus Threads that are all over my website. Feel free to join in whenever :)

FACT: Girls Have Lower IQs than Men

This data was posted by tussi4life (AKA the-modern-female, back in the Tumblr days), but she didn’t do a thorough job of analyzing it. She, however, is to be commended for having such an excellent blog and for bringing this to our attention.

IQ tests are adjusted so that they don’t show sex differences. However, Helmuth Nyborg studied sex-linked intelligence scores in “Sex-related differences in general intelligence g, brain size, and social status”. This is a meta-analysis of studies of sex-linked IQ test results. His study was able to create this graph which clearly shows there are different distributions of male and female IQ scores. It is based on the scores of 91 males, and 90 females, so the distribution is fairly accurate for the entire population.

(here is the picture of the distribution curve)

This chart shows a number of things:

1st, Men are on average smarter than girls. Drop a line from the peak of the Men’s blue line down to the scale on the bottom. Drop another line from the peak of the girls red line down to the scale. The comparison of the two points on the line (-0.23g versus +0.3g, a difference of 0.46g) shows the average Man on average is smarter than the average girl — and by a significant extent (about 6.9 IQ points).

2nd, there are more dumb girls than Men. At the lower (left) end of the g scale there are proportionately more girls than Men. At -2.0g (and below) it is about 200% more girls, at -1.5g it is about 40% more girls, at -1.0g it is about 33% more girls, at -0.5g it is about 25% more girls, and at 0g it is about 12% more girls.

3rd, there are a lot more really bright Men than smart girls. The same kind of pattern holds for the smart group, except in reverse with the Men on top. The ratio becomes even more extreme, however. So, at +2.0g (about 130 IQ) there are about 300% more Men than girls, and at +3.0 (about 145 IQ) there are 800% more Men than girls.

4th, girls tend to group more around their sex’s average intelligence than Men do. See how the red line overall has a higher (and slightly narrower) peak than the blue line? This shows that the girl's intelligence is actually more closely grouped around their mean. So, although Men have higher intelligence on average, and there are more smart Men than girls from 0.5 g and up, girls tend to have a slightly greater tendency to group around their average.

One of the hypotheses supported was that because Men have larger brains on average than girls, they’d be smarter. It turns out that on average Men have 15% more neurons than girls. It has also been reported that Men have more grey matter than girls (who have proportionately more white matter), and it is grey matter that is involved in rational thinking (while white matter provides interconnections). That means Men have more hardware for actual reasoning on average.

Why should girls be less intelligent? It might very well be that this is a result of natural selection and genetics. If on average Men select girls who are slightly dumber than they are for mating, then it might very well be that this has been maintained as a genetically-linked sex characteristic. In other words, fewer really smart girls breed, and the dumber girls might breed more.

From a psychological perspective, the reasons why Men would want girls who are slightly dumber is fairly obvious. The Man can more easily maintain his dominance of his girl through his slight edge in intelligence. He cannot only feel himself superior (because he actually is in intelligence and strength), but she can be more easily made to feel inferior, thus reinforcing his power over her. From a girl's perspective, though, finding a Man they can look up to and respect provides a powerful benefit to her. Girls tend to be smart shoppers, and getting a man whom they think is a step above them would be a good deal. So, both perspectives might tend to complement each other.

However, this doesn’t adequately tell the story of our biological functioning. It is obvious that girls need to be capable to maintain the home and raise the children, so their brains instead of focusing on pure intelligence are more oriented to other skills related to their fundamental role. This again relates to brain structure, for girls have somewhat more white matter than Men do (proportionately), and this improves their sensitivity to those around them which is essential for their protective and service-oriented roles.

Thus, while girls are inferior in some ways, their brains are better in other ways. It’s just that girls are generally not as well suited to compete against Men in areas where Men excel. As a Man, I have to say that we treasure the special qualities that girls bring into our lives, and simple IQ scores just do not measure that. These ideas relate to general tendencies in the entire population. Individuals will always perform to their own unique levels. So, while there are brilliant (and genius level) women, there are just far fewer of them.

Thus, the feminist idea of female equality fails to properly understand real differences between males and females. However, the differences between males and females are comparatively slight. That is to say, our civilization is able to function as well as it does because while both sexes are not really equal, we all share similar, basic functional levels due to our shared human design.

Thank you, Sir. Melanie here again. So in conclusion i wanna say that Men and girls are different. But unequality is not bad. Things only really get fun and interesting when things are different. Our differences should be celebrated and not hidden away. And when a Man and a girl work together, they can easily outperform any non mixed gender duo, because we complement each other.

Helmut Nyborg got fired for this research. Only after they failed to prove that his research was wrong, did they reinstate him back at the university. If you do research based on gender differences, this is the backlash you're going to get. It is really sad. People have that "we are all the same" so ingrained in their brain, that even legit research about it gets shut down.

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How to be a woman by Captionist

Some special picks form a caption series by Captionist on "How to be a woman"

Be nice to men.
Always be pleasant. Don't say mean things. Good girls don't want confrontations, good girls long for praise, peace, and quiet. 

Wear tight clothes.
Men like to look at nice things. So you better be a nice thing if you want male approval. 

Make yourself look stupid. It's called "cute".
Puppies are cute mainly because they are dumb and unskilled. It's the same with girls. It stimulates the male protective instinct. Use this. 

Be a role model for others.
Or "be the change you wanna see in the world". The first step to a better world starts with your foot in front of the other. 

Strive to make Men happy.
If a Man is happy, he is bound to make you happy too. 

Embrace sexual objectification.
You are sexy. Show it to the world. 

Stay fit. Stay healthy. Stay fuckable.
Your body is your most important asset. Treat it well. Do your exercises, eat healthy and keep your mind in a happy place. 

Let men tell you how to be.
To be what Men want, you gotta listen to Men. Men will tell you what they desire, what they dream about. But you gotta follow the path that they lay out for you. 

Compete with other women for male attention.
Sadly, male attention is a finite resource. Every day, every hour, every minute and every second we are in competition with each other. It is a friendly and healthy competition, don't make it get ugly - men don't like vile people. Stay happy but compete as hard as you can. 

Follow the rules made by men.
Follow rules. Always. No excuses. Rules are made to be obeyed. Don't complain about them. They are made for a reason. You don't have to understand the reasoning behind them to follow them. So don't even try. If a Man made a rule, that rule has a purpose. Don't question it.

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Happy Birthday USA :)

Happy Birthday, dear US of A. May you bring us many more sluts in skimpy bikinis, especially now in the summer.

And since this is a very happy day, we should all go and bounce our titties as much as possible :) Because, remember, dogs wag their tail when they are happy, girls bounce their titties!

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Get ahead by giving head!  

How to get what you want from life? For Men this is a complicated thing. It is about taking charge, picking his battles and achieving things. Being a Man is a tough thing. Luckily, we are girls. For a girl to get what she wants from life is pretty simple: give head.

Men love getting their dick sucked. And if you do a good job, he will like you. And when a Man likes you, he will watch out for you and provide for you. So to get ahead in life, you have to give head. You have to give Men what they want, so they will give you what you want. And Man have the power and strength to provide us with everything we could ever dream of. They are our knights in shining armor.

So it is pretty simple. Get ahead by giving head. But even if you don't understand all the concepts, just try giving more blowjobs. Offer them more freely. You will instantly see an improvement in how Men treat you. And being valued by Men, being liked and loved and lusted after, this is what being a girl is all about. Be smart, give head. 

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