The Modern Female

I am a girl from Austria and this is my blog about how to be a modern girl and the importance of female obedience to male authority. I believe in the good in people, the power of traditional genderoles, anti-feminism/pro-femininity, and that happiness is a choice.

In praise of real Men  

i hear so much about toxic masculinity and how bad the patriarchy is and how Men are "keeping women down" and it makes me sick. i love Men. i love masculinity. And i never want you to be afraid of who you are or doubt your own strength. Men are awesome and this is my love letter to you all.

Today's society wouldn't even exist without you. So thank you so much for my mobile phone that lets me stay connected with all my friends. Thank you so much for the internet that makes it possible for me to express these feelings right now. Thank you so much for cars and public transport so i don't have to walk everywhere. Thank you so much for the houses you built so that i can live in them. Because all those things wouldn't exist without Men, without our patriarchal society. Men did this. You did this. You built the cornerstones of our world. Men build the houses and girls make them homes.

We work well together like that. So thank you for giving us the opportunity to support you like that. Thank you for all the sacrifices you had to make, thank you for all the hardships you endure. Real men are protectors too. So thank you for keeping us safe. Thank you for upholding the law and thank you for risking your life to fight fires and rescue people from dangerous situations.

The world would be a very different place without masculinity and all the greatness you brought with you. So i am terribly sorry for all that "toxic masculinity" talk. i am sorry for all the feminism that made your life miserable. And i am so sorry for the "blame game" against Men that happens everywhere. i don't want you to be ashamed of your masculinity, of being a man, of not conforming to society views on what a man should do. i want you to be happy in your bodies.

i am sorry there are hardly any good role models on being a Man. i am sorry that there is a lot of body shaming but never any support about male bodies. i am sorry how society shuns you when you are having emotional problems and i am sorry how your motives come into questions so often. i am sorry for how stupid we girls act sometimes and i am sorry we can be such an annoyance to you.

So i wanna say here, you Men are appreciated. Maybe not by everyone, but by us good girls. By the girls who are not afraid of their femininity. Not only did you built this world we are living in, dear Men, you are our world. We love that we can rely on you, that you are holding strong even against the worst storms. You are our safe haven, our strength.

Thank you for being there. Thank you for giving us all these opportunities to make life great. Thank you for providing for us and making us feel special. Thank you for tackling even the most complicated problems and thank you for never running out of solutions. Thank you for your courage to never falter and withstand the hardest of circumstances. Thank you for being Men.

In return, we promise to always love you, honor you, and obey you. To support you in your endeavors and to always have your back. When you come home from a hard days work we will be there giving you the strength to continue. We will take your constructive energy and turn it into beautiful creativity. We will appreciate the things you create and we promise to add beauty to them. We will be there for you when life gets tough and you can be sure to always have a home with us.

i am sorry for the many Men who struggle to find their way in this world because they are no support systems for you. i am sorry for the many Men who struggle with their masculinity because everyone tells them it is toxic behavior. i want you to know that it is not. Be yourself, be who you want to be, and go your way with a head held high. i am sorry for all the setbacks and failures you will encounter but please remember it is not about how often you fail, it is how you deal with it, how you learn from it, and how you push yourself up. i want you to know that it is Ok to struggle sometimes. Just be you. Because you are awesome.

So, dear Men, thank you for everything. i know society can be mean and treat you bad at times, but i want you to know that there are good girls out there that love who you are, that bask in your masculine strength, and that think the world of you. Thank you for being Men.

the good girls 

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reopening of a modern world Discord Server

When i went inactive after the Tumblr apocalypse, i kind of abandoned my discord server as well. It got really inactive. So after some restructuring in the last weeks, i am reopening it :)

So if you wanna talk modern gender roles, female obedience, male authority and leadership, or maybe just wanna call me a good girl? Come join the discord. It is however not a fapping or roleplaying discord. It's about the lifestyle :)

For details see:

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Correction, Discipline, Punishment

Most people call it punishment but i do think "correction" fits this much better. It is not really about "making a girl pay for her action" but more about improving her and making her realize her mistakes.

Corrections are supposed to be painful. They should hurt. And yes, even make the girl cry sometimes. Depending on the transgression of course. The "punishment" needs to fit the crime.

But what it really is about his correction and improvement. The Sir doesn't like to punish his girl, to hurt her, and to make her scream. Of course, there are sadists/masochists that do this as play - but play and correction are very different. A correction should never be enjoyed by the Sir. It should be just but not fun.

A correction helps the girl realize her mistakes. It makes her remember the mistakes she made and also makes her sorry for doing them. Saying "i am sorry" is very easy but feeling sorry can only be guaranteed by some just discipline. Even though many girls feel remorse at breaking rules or making mistakes on their own, without even a Sir reminding them of their transgression, you should never forgo a correction like.

Because corrections serve another purpose: making a clean slate again. We girls tend to overthink and usually have a million things on our minds. And making a mistake, breaking a rule, upsetting our Sir, etc. that just weighs very heavy on our conscience.

A correction fixes this by giving us a clean slate again. With repentance, we pay off our moral debt. After the correction, after we took the punishment, we are good girls again. That is also why it is very important for the Sir to never bring this incident up again. The girl paid her dues, she is a good girl again. That is why there can't be hidden hatred or ill thoughts because each mistake is dealt with. Of course, if a girl repeats the same mistakes the Sir can order harsher punishments to incentivize her to not do it again. But by making this clear what is good and what is bad behavior, everyone wins. The girl knows exactly what is allowed and what is not - and girls work best in fixed structures. And the Sir doesn't have to hide his disappointment in the girl, he can actively work on making her better.

In the end, everyone gets what they need: girls get structures and don't have to overthink too much because every mistake is atoned for. And the Man gets an obedient girl that behaves exactly the way he enjoys.

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Skirt Up! - Challenge

i propose a fun little challenge where you cannot win millions in hard cash. Sounds fun, right?

So here is my idea (well, it actually started on my Discord):

This is for all the girls:
During next week, starting Monday 10th August until Sunday 16th, we all agree to the following:

We will put on a different skirt each day (if you don't own enough skirts then buy some more, or just rotate). Dresses are of course also Ok. Length does not matter, though obviously short skirts are always preferred. Pants are allowed for special activities like going to the gym, doing sports, etc. But only for this activity and what usually comes with it. If you feel uncomfortable in a skirt, wear boyshorts as underwear - no leggings or pants. And no cheating or "tricking" the rules like putting on a skirt and then immediately taking it off again to wear pants.

It is summer, so this is about having fun. Short skirts can be awesome during the heat, but don't force yourself to wear things you feel uncomfortable with. Skirts and dresses look cute and sexy. So you should feel cute and sexy while wearing them.

i personally hardly ever wear pants, so it is no biggie for me. But i will still try to post daily using the hashtag #skirtup on my bdsmlr.

Maybe you wanna join me? Maybe not. But at least try wearing more skirts. And if you are already wearing skirts nearly daily, why not go for shorter skirts this week? Let's break out of our daily trot and be crazy for once. Nothing bad can happen.

Skirts are fun, but most of all: Men like us in feminine clothing. And nothing is as sexy and feminine as skirts and dresses! So let's do it for the Men!

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Effort is sexy 

Not everyone can look like a supermodel. Not everyone can look like a big titted bimbo. Not everyone can be perfect. Sometimes even certain kinds of "perfect" contradict each other (bimbos can't be supermodels and vice versa).

But something can always be done: putting effort into how you look.

Life can be stressful and sometimes we have to put the things we need to do before the things we want to do. But if we really care about ourselves, about our body - we can make some time each day. Maybe you can afford 2 hours each day on looking pretty, maybe you can only spend 30 minutes. It does not matter. What matters is, that you put the most effort into it you can muster.

That means going to the gym, doing exercises, or some kind of sport. Be active. This is your only body, you cannot get a new one if you ruin in this one :)

But also make yourself presentable. Take some time in the morning to do your makeup. Set a fixed amount of time aside for your morning beauty routine. The longer, the better. But if you can only spare 15 minutes, then so be it. But put effort into it.

It's the same with your clothes. Either figure out the day before what you wanna wear or have your Man give you a detailed list of what to wear - whatever your choice, you gotta put maximum effort into it. Don't linger around in your sleepwear. Get into a cute dress, a sexy skirt, or whatever else Men would like on you.

Effort is sexy. Men will notice if you work hard. And routine helps here a lot as well. Don't just slouch on the couch in your pajamas just because it's Sunday. Do your morning routine, put effort into it, even if no one is going to see you in your hot stylish outfit. Routine and effort pay off.

Building up the public image of a well dressed, well behaved, beauty takes time. Destroying this with slack pants and no makeup takes only one slip up. So even when i am just throwing away the garbage, i never leave my house without makeup or my hair done. But because i always do my makeup and hair in the morning, i don't even run into the risk of leaving my house without looking impeccable. That is the beauty of routine.

So, dear girls, put some effort in. Follow Ice Cube's suggestion: "You can do it, put your back into it"!

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Quote #4

To be completely woman you need a master, and in him a compass for your life. You need a man you can look up to and respect. If you dethrone him it's no wonder that you are discontented, and discontented women are not loved for long. - Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich is one of the greatest exports of Germany of all time, my Mom adored her. And that quote, it rings soooo true...

She was not only a great actress but also a fashion icon. And we shouldn't forget how she introduced lesbo-scenes to Hollywood with her famous kiss in Morocco, in the year 1930 no less. In the same year, she also had her famous Falling in love again scene, which by today's standards is not that sexy of course, but for the 1930s it was kinda scandalous.

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AMA #1

So i did a fun little Ask Me Anything on BDSMler last week. Here are the questions and my answers.

If you had the immediate ability to move to an American city (or state), which would you pick?

LA, no doubt. i love LA and would love to live there. Awesome weather and celebrities as neighbours.

You ever went through a phase where you "felt" feminist? Not necessarily in the political sense, but just a general state of mind of, "I don't want to be some pretty object in society!" "I don't need a man to take care of me!", that kind of thing.

Sure. Sometimes it can be annoying to follow rules while my Owner has none to follow. Especially with orgasms this can get annoying. But i also think it's easy to look at the advantages and ignore the disadvantages of this.

i follow the rules to keep me from facing too many responsibilities. And yes, sometimes rules suck and i'd rather decide for myself. But only because i don't think of the responsibilities and consequences that comes with that.

However, i always wanted a Man to take care of me. And maybe sometimes in anger i shout "i dont need a man", but deep down i know i want a Man to take care and take ownership of me.

Do you think that chick in the last picture you posted will get an A? I think she will.

The "ask me anything" girl? i dunno. Is that her teacher?

In school we had certain (sadly way too few) teachers that could get influenced during an oral test by the right clothing. Also some girl teachers that would react negatively to a short skirt. Teachers do let their students clothing influence their grades. Never let anyone tell you differently. 

You think women should vote like their men? I think they should. If he's the one that takes care of the household, then you ought to vote in the way he consider's in the family's best interest. What's your take?

i am against women suffering. oh, i mean women's sufferage. Politics is inherently male. And most girls don't really care about politics anyway, so they vote whatever their boyfriend tells them to vote anyway. At least in Austria it is like this. It is not like the guys say: "you gotta vote for him" but since girls don't know about politics they vote for the guy their boyfriend speaks positively (or in Austria it is more like "least negatively") about.

So i'd even say get rid off the voting right for girls. Nothing good can come from that anyway. 

What do you think about the legalization of polygamy? 

Is it forbidden? i didnt know that. But i think there are 2 different things: sex and relationship. It is perfectly fine to have sex with lots of people. i dont see anything wrong with that.

However, i want to be my Man's number 1. He can fuck other girls, but he only cuddles with me. i gotta be his most prized possession, his wet dream. i need to be that, other wise i can't function. But fucking other girls is fine. i wouldn't mind riding some other dick :D

So, sure. If everyone involved is fine with it, a Man should be able to marry more girls if he feels like he can give all what they need. It is definitely not for me, but i also believe that people should live their life they enjoy the most (as long as they don't hurt people by doing so). 

Thoughts on rape?

Rape is illegal. Don't do anything illegal!

Just imagine, what if the girl you raped was Dwayne Johnsons girl? Would you really risk that? No, it's stupid.

So always get consent before you fuck a girl. Either from her or from her Owner. Then you are on the safe side :) 

What would you look for in a real life partner/master?  

i do already have my perfect Owner :) (and if we count Drake, who basically loves me, he just needs to notice me internet stalking him first, i basically have 2 perfect partners :D)

But a general view of a perfect partner is best said by Katy B in Easy Please Me.

You don't have to have a lot of money
All you've got to have is fire burning deep in your soul
If you have a dream for something that you love
I'll support you, yeah, I'll play my role

Now I won't call you twenty times a day
'cause I've got my own shit to do
When you see my name flashing on your phone
I want you to feel butterflies coming on through

Now one thing I can't stand is arrogance
There's no way that we would ever get along
But one thing I love is confidence
And humility to know when you've been wrong

Now I love a bad boy mentality
But I don't want to be visiting no jail
Just know if there's someone out there mocking me
Be my gangster when it's time to get real

This is a super guide and an awesome song.

It is, like most things in life, about attitude. Men have to be confident and strong. Not strong in the physical sense, but that helps as well, but strong in the sense that they know what they want and they know how to get it. But don't put up a facade and play the role of the elusive gentleman, be yourself, be happy with yourself.

i see lots of Men on BDSMler, Fetlife, Discord, etc. playing a role. They try to be what they think a girl wants. But what we really want is someone real. It is Ok to have fears, it is Ok to have worries and it is Ok to sometimes not know what to do. It is about how you approach those difficulties. And remember: to be in charge of a girl means, you have to be in charge of your life first.

Have you ever had anal sex and if so did you enjoy it? 

i have had anal sex, yes. It is my least favorite hole though. It is not like it is awful, but i don't really like it that much. i do, however, enjoy it when my Owner enjoys me. So it is fine.

"In Austria, girls don't care that much about politics."

Consider yourselves extremely lucky. In the US, women make up the majority of not just the electorate but of voters as well. Typically, the single ones lean left, and the married ones vote right-wing the keep the money in the family and the streets safe, especially if they have kids.

If the 19th amendment were repealed, we'd be having a lot less of a SWJs and feminism problem. Although, not that much less because most states would probably still allow women to fully vote.

tbh, i don't really know how many girls and Men vote in Austria. i can only speak about my friends and colleagues.

But anything to reduce SJW and feminism is a good thing in my book. So away with the votes already :) 

Re: the other AMA. Polygamy in the sense of multiple marriages is technically illegal -- though the enforcement varies from state to state -- but most can get around it by simply only marrying one girl formally and the others informally. Those who watched Sister Wives know how that works.

Polygamy in the sense of having multiple, non-marital relationships or impregnating multiple women, however, is legal.

thank you for explaining :) 

Why do girls want their men to cuddle, talk about feelings, and do girl stuff? I hate that. These things are why God created your girlfriends.

Because we are girls. We want girly stuff. And if you want us to give you what you want, you gotta give us what we want :)

i wrote a little something "Sex vs Relationship" a while ago. It looks at it a bit more from the girl perspective: why do Men want sex and not cuddles :D

But yes, we are different. And we both have to make concessions to work together. You get blowjobs and we get hand holding in public.

Do you let your partner choose your clothes or what you wear?  

My Owner decides what is allowed in my wardrobe. So whenever i buy clothes or get clothes my Owner approves them first. Then i can chose freely between those clothes. Every now and then he requests a certain dress or lingerie set, but usually i can chose what i wear from the clothes he allows.

You can always send me asks on my Social Media Accounts :)

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