Merry Christmas!

i don't know if you celebrate it or not, but today is Christmas in Austria. You don't have to be religious to enjoy a holiday like this. Because even if it has spiritual roots, it is now a tradition of our culture. In German, we have this word "Besinnlichkeit" which is very hard to translate into English. Contemplation comes close, but Besinnlichkeit is more about contemplating about one's self, about what really matters, and the people we love. Even though it is a big consumer event, Christmas is supposed to be not about materialistic values. However, as a girl, i love getting presents. So there is that.

Covid makes celebrating Christmas hard this year. If you are feeling lonely or need a virtual hug, please always feel free to reach out to me or come to my Discord Server to connect with awesome people. Since Austria is in a hard lockdown, i will be online much of the Christmas break.

So merry Christmas to everyone, may you all be able to focus on what matters right now. Christmas Boobs!


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