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AMA #2

This was not really an Ask Me Anything, but i collected a handful of questions on BDSMLR and Tumblr and answered them.

I read your blog posts and they are great. I wish there were more good girls like you to be role models for young girls :)You have repeatedly praised "being slut" and encouraged girls to be sluts. But being slut contradicts being submissive , which is one of the most important signs of femininity. Loyalty to a man is part of submissiveness.How can a slut be loyal?

That is an interesting question, thank you.
Being a slut is about sex positivity and being open to sexual advances from Men. This does not overrule any rules your Owner sets for you, of course. It is more of a way to attract Men, to be noticed, and to get the male approval we all so desire.
However, even when you are in a monogamous relationship, you can still be slutty. You don't have to fuck people to be a slut. Men are visual beings, and sluts are nice to look at. So it is a lot about being eye candy for Men. Flirting is also a fun activity.

But when your Owner wants you to hide your body, you do that instead. Some Men prefer to show off their trophies, they want their friends and enemies to be envious of them. They want to show their status, show what a beautiful girl they own. Others prefer to keep their girl to themselves.

But when you are single, being slutty can be a super way to attract Men. And to learn to be confident in your sexuality. Also, it never hurts to learn how to fuck right :) You only get good at something if you practice it. And don't forget to find out what you really like. The girl chooses her Owner. It's the only choice she has in life, but it is a very strong and important one. It's important to know what you want, what you like, and especially what you don't like, before submitting to a Sir fully.

Hey, there! What's up with women's involvement in politics? Here in America, over half the voters are female! Politics have always struck me as more of a male thing, because it often deals with very serious (and often boring) matters and societal conflicts. And so, while I don't think women must stay out of it entirely, it should remain a primarily male thing. Why do you think so many women want to be involved in politics and voting and all that?

Politics should be a male only activity, passive and active voting rights should be for Men only. That is my opinion and some people disagree, that is fine.
But the question is not about my opinion on voting rights but rather why girls participate so much. And the answer here is simple: because it is emotionally charged. Politics turn more and more into feeling-battles. Emotions reign supreme and facts get ignored more and more. So it is perfect for girls. We love emotionally charged drama. That is why we watch reality tv. Also, our party is doing the good things, to make the world better, and the other party is doing the bad things and making the world worse. So we are helping, and we girls like to help.

AOC is the perfect example here - sadly there is no AOC equivalent on the republican side, so we have to use just one democrat girl as an example. She is a sweet girl and wants to do good for the world. Her whole heart is in it, it's so easy to see. She just has not a single clue about what's going on in the world.

Regarding your CMNF post, I've always had that same "fetish". It's not really a fetish; it's just something I've always been into. I'm a firm believer that men in society ought to be on top of things, and so have a higher status than women, and the dress has to reflect that. And also because, contrary to men, women's physique and womanly comportment have a decorative value in society, and so dressing in a revealing/provocative/colorful/tight fashion just means you're being a good girl for societ

This refers to this post on my Tubmlr.
CMNF is really something that is way too underrated. It is just a fact that Men look better well dressed and girls look better undressed. Though i include sexy lingerie in the "nude" part. Nudity gets stale after a while, sexy lingerie can keep it fresh.
girls are loved because of their bodies, Men are loved because of their minds. That doesn't mean a sexy body on a Man is a bad thing, but generally speaking, Men impress girls with their mind, and girls impress Men with their bodies. Of course, to have a happy relationship everything else has to be compatible as well, but if no one notices you, it's hard to find your perfect match.

This isn't really a question, but I just want to note that I'm liking the positive development of twerking becoming more mainstream. Just 10 years ago, it wasn't all that common, and was mostly a black thing. Now, every Jane and Janet is shaking her booty for fun at least once a year; if not for a music video, than just for a plain video or randomly during a party. Positive development. It's a girly type of dancing for women to do, fun and sexy/teasing at the same time, and gets them attention.

That is very true. Maybe my blog post about First Times, fits here as well.
We have to improve constantly. While it was once enough to show some bare ankle to get men excited, today we need more. Men cannot go back sexually. Once they had a girl swallow their cum after a blowjob, they can't go back to spitting girls. At least not easily.

So yes, i love this sex positive movement. It is Ok to be desired, it is Ok to turn heads like that. Sadly society makes Men lack behind here a bit. Because girls can twerk but Men cannot ask girls to twerk and comment on it, for the most part. We need to make this less taboo. But the overall direction we are moving as a society is pretty great :)

If anyone wants to learn how to twerk correctly and not just shake your booty, refer to your friendly neighborhood stripper Nina Unrated.

So what was it that made you decide to become an ultra submissive woman? Was there one particular moment or was it more like something that built up over time?

i always wanted to rather be the perfect girlfriend than having the perfect boyfriend. That was probably the main driving factor behind my journey when it started.

But nowadays i have way more profound reasons. i believe D/s is the only real relationship dynamic that can work. You always need a leader and a follower. Even successful vanilla couples have that dynamic, except they trade the areas where someone is in charge. with my parents (they are as vanilla as it gets) my mum owned the kitchen and my dad owned the car. they had clear areas where they were in charge.
It doesn't work if both people try to lead or submit. You need a leader and a follower. That doesn't mean the leader does whatever he wants, it just means one makes the decision and the other provides the input.
This is the only way to not fight and not create resentment, because if you have to argue your point and fight to make your position known and understood, you will have to pick your battles and you will have to accept defeat.
In a d/s relationship, you won't be defeated because your POV is by design very important.

Does your owner have requirements about your edging, masturbating or cumming? If so, what are they and do you often have times following them?  

i am not allowed to cum without permission and i have to do at least 5-15min soft edges in the morning after waking up and in the evening before going to bed. i am very sexual most of the time, so i do more edges and since i am very eager to do them, my Owner didn't set too strong rules. If i don't feel like it, i can skip them every now and then - but only because he knows that i am edging whenever i have free time anyway :D 

You have such a great outlook! I'm curious, does the-modern-female think it is her pleasure to swallow or simply her duty?  

i love cum. Except in my hair. Everywhere is fine, but preferably in my mouth <3 

I really hate the word inferior. I'm male and I would be considered very misogynistic by the vanilla world, but I really do love women and I don't think they are inferior. I would like to hear your thoughts on the word inferior.  

i dislike the word inferior as well. i don't subscribe to the superior/inferior way of thinking. i prefer the ying/yang style. That means that Men and girls complement each other. One can't be without the other, we just work flawlessly together: where one is weak, the other is strong.

The only way i can accept the word "superior" is in the sense of a chain of command. Men are my superiors, they are in charge. But that doesn't mean i am inferior, i just have a certain role to play: i receive commands while Men give commands. A follower is nothing without a leader, but a leader without a follower is equally nothing. We need each other. We complete each other. We just fulfill different roles, none is more or less important than the other - because our roles depend on each other.

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AMA #1

So i did a fun little Ask Me Anything on BDSMler last week. Here are the questions and my answers.

If you had the immediate ability to move to an American city (or state), which would you pick?

LA, no doubt. i love LA and would love to live there. Awesome weather and celebrities as neighbours.

You ever went through a phase where you "felt" feminist? Not necessarily in the political sense, but just a general state of mind of, "I don't want to be some pretty object in society!" "I don't need a man to take care of me!", that kind of thing.

Sure. Sometimes it can be annoying to follow rules while my Owner has none to follow. Especially with orgasms this can get annoying. But i also think it's easy to look at the advantages and ignore the disadvantages of this.

i follow the rules to keep me from facing too many responsibilities. And yes, sometimes rules suck and i'd rather decide for myself. But only because i don't think of the responsibilities and consequences that comes with that.

However, i always wanted a Man to take care of me. And maybe sometimes in anger i shout "i dont need a man", but deep down i know i want a Man to take care and take ownership of me.

Do you think that chick in the last picture you posted will get an A? I think she will.

The "ask me anything" girl? i dunno. Is that her teacher?

In school we had certain (sadly way too few) teachers that could get influenced during an oral test by the right clothing. Also some girl teachers that would react negatively to a short skirt. Teachers do let their students clothing influence their grades. Never let anyone tell you differently. 

You think women should vote like their men? I think they should. If he's the one that takes care of the household, then you ought to vote in the way he consider's in the family's best interest. What's your take?

i am against women suffering. oh, i mean women's sufferage. Politics is inherently male. And most girls don't really care about politics anyway, so they vote whatever their boyfriend tells them to vote anyway. At least in Austria it is like this. It is not like the guys say: "you gotta vote for him" but since girls don't know about politics they vote for the guy their boyfriend speaks positively (or in Austria it is more like "least negatively") about.

So i'd even say get rid off the voting right for girls. Nothing good can come from that anyway. 

What do you think about the legalization of polygamy? 

Is it forbidden? i didnt know that. But i think there are 2 different things: sex and relationship. It is perfectly fine to have sex with lots of people. i dont see anything wrong with that.

However, i want to be my Man's number 1. He can fuck other girls, but he only cuddles with me. i gotta be his most prized possession, his wet dream. i need to be that, other wise i can't function. But fucking other girls is fine. i wouldn't mind riding some other dick :D

So, sure. If everyone involved is fine with it, a Man should be able to marry more girls if he feels like he can give all what they need. It is definitely not for me, but i also believe that people should live their life they enjoy the most (as long as they don't hurt people by doing so). 

Thoughts on rape?

Rape is illegal. Don't do anything illegal!

Just imagine, what if the girl you raped was Dwayne Johnsons girl? Would you really risk that? No, it's stupid.

So always get consent before you fuck a girl. Either from her or from her Owner. Then you are on the safe side :) 

What would you look for in a real life partner/master?  

i do already have my perfect Owner :) (and if we count Drake, who basically loves me, he just needs to notice me internet stalking him first, i basically have 2 perfect partners :D)

But a general view of a perfect partner is best said by Katy B in Easy Please Me.

You don't have to have a lot of money
All you've got to have is fire burning deep in your soul
If you have a dream for something that you love
I'll support you, yeah, I'll play my role

Now I won't call you twenty times a day
'cause I've got my own shit to do
When you see my name flashing on your phone
I want you to feel butterflies coming on through

Now one thing I can't stand is arrogance
There's no way that we would ever get along
But one thing I love is confidence
And humility to know when you've been wrong

Now I love a bad boy mentality
But I don't want to be visiting no jail
Just know if there's someone out there mocking me
Be my gangster when it's time to get real

This is a super guide and an awesome song.

It is, like most things in life, about attitude. Men have to be confident and strong. Not strong in the physical sense, but that helps as well, but strong in the sense that they know what they want and they know how to get it. But don't put up a facade and play the role of the elusive gentleman, be yourself, be happy with yourself.

i see lots of Men on BDSMler, Fetlife, Discord, etc. playing a role. They try to be what they think a girl wants. But what we really want is someone real. It is Ok to have fears, it is Ok to have worries and it is Ok to sometimes not know what to do. It is about how you approach those difficulties. And remember: to be in charge of a girl means, you have to be in charge of your life first.

Have you ever had anal sex and if so did you enjoy it? 

i have had anal sex, yes. It is my least favorite hole though. It is not like it is awful, but i don't really like it that much. i do, however, enjoy it when my Owner enjoys me. So it is fine.

"In Austria, girls don't care that much about politics."

Consider yourselves extremely lucky. In the US, women make up the majority of not just the electorate but of voters as well. Typically, the single ones lean left, and the married ones vote right-wing the keep the money in the family and the streets safe, especially if they have kids.

If the 19th amendment were repealed, we'd be having a lot less of a SWJs and feminism problem. Although, not that much less because most states would probably still allow women to fully vote.

tbh, i don't really know how many girls and Men vote in Austria. i can only speak about my friends and colleagues.

But anything to reduce SJW and feminism is a good thing in my book. So away with the votes already :) 

Re: the other AMA. Polygamy in the sense of multiple marriages is technically illegal -- though the enforcement varies from state to state -- but most can get around it by simply only marrying one girl formally and the others informally. Those who watched Sister Wives know how that works.

Polygamy in the sense of having multiple, non-marital relationships or impregnating multiple women, however, is legal.

thank you for explaining :) 

Why do girls want their men to cuddle, talk about feelings, and do girl stuff? I hate that. These things are why God created your girlfriends.

Because we are girls. We want girly stuff. And if you want us to give you what you want, you gotta give us what we want :)

i wrote a little something "Sex vs Relationship" a while ago. It looks at it a bit more from the girl perspective: why do Men want sex and not cuddles :D

But yes, we are different. And we both have to make concessions to work together. You get blowjobs and we get hand holding in public.

Do you let your partner choose your clothes or what you wear?  

My Owner decides what is allowed in my wardrobe. So whenever i buy clothes or get clothes my Owner approves them first. Then i can chose freely between those clothes. Every now and then he requests a certain dress or lingerie set, but usually i can chose what i wear from the clothes he allows.

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Ask #2

How do you please your man? struggle to please him like other girls could i look best and take super well care of my body but is there some trick or thing i could do to make him like me more

The secret trick to any Man's heart is through his porn :) Porn is pure male fantasy without any feminist distortion.

Find out what he masturbates to and be that. Sneak into his computer and find his porn folder. Or his porn bookmarks. Or whatever. All Men look at porn, you just gotta find his "stash". And then look through it. Take your time. See if you can find a common theme among it.

And then be that. Reenact what the girls do in his porn. Dress like the girls do. Say the things the girls do. Of course, that is easier said than done, but pick a few videos you really like and study them. You don't have to like everything he likes, it is perfectly fine to steer him away from certain things and more towards others.

You can try to encourage him to watch porn with you. Maybe start with suggesting some porn you know he likes and then go from there. Don't tell him you know he likes this, pretend to be genuine into it yourself. And ask about why he likes certain things, but be subtle. Don't say "what do you like about her?" always phrase it like "don't her stockings look soooo hot?" to find out what he likes. It shouldn't feel like an interrogation. And always react positively to whatever kink or fetish he has. Never kink-shame. Even if it is not your cup of tea. You don't have to do it, but make him feel good about opening up. "Yes that is hot, but i like this more" if perfectly fine to steer him away from things you don't like.

Use his porn as a guide to his cock :)

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Ask #1

Question from my bdsmlr: You often say male pleasure should come first. But you also want girls to adopt the lifestyle you envision. My question is: why would girls want to partake in a lifestyle that puts their pleasure second? (PS: I'm not a girl. Just curious as to what's enjoyable to a female whose sex life is primarily for her man to get off.)

Yes, male pleasure is paramount. This does however not mean that a girl's pleasure is unimportant, it just ranks 2nd, directly behind male pleasure.

In a lot of areas, it is the polite or the right thing to do to have your spouse or a friend come first. As a host at a party, you are supposed to look after the guests, as a parent you are supposed to put your kids first, as a ship captain you are supposed to look after everyone leaving the ship before you in an emergency. Lots of areas where it is just what is expected: selfishness is often frowned upon. So putting your Men's pleasure first is nothing unreasonable or never heard of the concept.

Also, girls LOVE to nurture. We want our Man to have a good time. But it goes deeper like that. A girl should want to be the most precious possession her Man owns. It comes down to traditional gender roles. The Man has to decide, he has to pick out the dates, plan them and pay for them. This is the Man's job. The girl's job is to be agreeable and pretty. This is of course very simplified now, but there are certain roles we gotta play. You gotta know your place, right?

Besides social norms, there is also the part of sex. Men want sex more often than we do. That is just basic biology. So, in general, it is pretty unpractical to make every sex about the girl, because she won't be in the mood for that. It is much easier and better to focus on the Man in these situations.

Also, the orgasm is a big part of it. Men cum fast. They get the pleasure from the orgasm and the build-up to it, while nice, is not what sex is all about for them. For us girls it's different. We can have AMAZING sex without cumming. Our orgasm can be super nice, but actual for us it is quality over quantity. While a Man can cum 3 quick times and always feel the same, we don't get the same enjoyment from 3 quick orgasms as we do from one really intense one.

And since it is about the intense ones with us girls, it is better to set them aside for special occasions. Edging helps to build them out and sex comes down to "advanced edging" if you want. So when the time is right, the Man can allow the female orgasms and it will be glorious. Believe me, this system produces a much higher quality of sex life for the girl :)

Of course, there are the greedy girls that always want to cum and do so. But during sex, if you are focused on your own orgasm, you don't pay 100% attention to your partner. And i for one, don't want to be THAT bitch. When my Owner is fucking me, i want him to enjoy it to the fullest. i want him to always come back to ME when he is horny. i want to show him how special i feel that he chose me. Sex is kind of like the reward he gets for being a good Man. And i want him to enjoy it as much as possible.

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