How are you?
i am fine, thanks. And if i wasn't fine, i wouldn't tell you.
i know people ask this to be polite, but i think it is super boring. Get crazy instead, ask fun things, ask about a post i made, ask about a picture i liked, ask a follow up question to an ask i answered. Or something else, be creative and fun! :)

May i send you a dick pic?
Thank you for asking. No, you may not.

What is your name?
My name is Melanie. Some people call me Mel or Melli. You can call me Sexy, too :)

How old are you?
i was born in 1991.

Are you single?
No, i am owned. i have the bestest Owner in the world, but no, he does not run a Tumblr.

What do you look like?
I am 157cm/49kg and have dyed blonde hair a bit over my shoulders with grey/blue eyes. And my tits are about 75C.

Can i get a photo?
No, you may not. i don't post pics anymore, for security reasons. And no, i'm not discussing this any further. Deal with it.

Where do you live?
i live in Vienna, Austria. i was born and raised here, i never lived anywhere else.
Vienna is about here:

What is your job?
i work in an office coloring Excel Sheets and animating Power Point Charts. Boring Backoffice stuff. It is not my dream job and i don't like it very much, but it gets me money and money can be traded for various goods and services. And i do love various goods and services :)

Are you really a girl?
Yes, even before i was born, i was already a female baby inside my mum.

Are you into Roleplaying / Cybersex?
No, i am not. i prefer real sex.

Can we meet?
No, my Owner would never allow that.

Is this a fantasy or do you really believe all this?
These are my real beliefs. This is, however, a porn blog, so don't take anything i write 100% serious, i do pornify stuff. All asks are 100% honest though and i would never post something against my beliefs. The only exception are posts tagged #funny. Those are for laughs and may or may not be true.

Do you believe Men are superior and girls are inferior?
Science says Men and girls are different. And this is what i believe in. We each have our own strengths and weaknesses. Both genders are important.

i do however strongly believe Men are better at making decisions, so having Men take charge is only natural. It is like parents being in charge of their kids. Just because the parents make the decision does not mean the kid gets mistreated or ignored. The parents watch out for the needs of their kid and try to make the right decision so he can grow and chase his dreams. It is the same with Men and girls.

How did you get into this?
Even as a kid, i always wanted to be the perfect girlfriend while all my friends always wanted to get the perfect boyfriend. i wanted to be something special, something desirable. Kind of like Helen of Troy. Men wanted to own her so badly, that they destroyed a whole civilization because of her. This kind of passion is what i wanna see, maybe without the bloodshed though.

And the internet did the rest :)

What do you think of sissies?
i don't understand this whole thing with trying to be someone else. i think people should learn how to feel comfortable in their own skin. But i also believe this world needs more happiness, so if you are a Sissy and happy about it, i am happy too! :)

What do you think of submissive Men?
i don't like 'em. i really don't know why, but 99% of submissive Men i've met online are intolerable pushy and annoying.

What do you think of femdom?
i don't like it. But i want to add that femdom is about male fantasies and male desires, it is not the reverse of "the Man leads, the girl follows", in femdom the Man still leads.

Were you raped/abused as a child?
No, i had a completely normal childhood. Thanks for asking, i guess?

Do you know any likeminded single girls?
i am not a dating service, sorry.

Are you a bimbo / slut?
i consider myself to be a Tussi, which is kind of a bimbo-lite. i do dress sexy and i have a very strong fashion sense. For example, i'd never leave the house without makeup. However, i don't dress trashy or in super slutty clothes in public. Think Bianca Stratford in 10 Things.


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