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i am a girl from Vienna, Austria and these here are my thoughts and ideas on how to be a modern female in a confusing world.

i started blogging in German in May 2014 under the name "dieGehorsame" which translates to "the obedient one". After people kept asking me to please blog in English as well, so i started "the-modern-female" Tumblr in August 2017. Sadly this blog did not survive the porn ban on Tumblr.

However, all my custom images i made can be found on pornhub.

i usually try to be a good girl but at times i can be a bit opinionated. i am quite passionate about my beliefs and usually up for a chat. So hit me up on my Social Media Accounts.

i love to write and expressing my thoughts and ideas even though they are sometimes very chaotic. One of my biggest dreams is to one day publish a book about my views on how to be a modern female.



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