The Modern Female

I am a girl from Austria and this is my blog about how to be a modern girl and the importance of female obedience to male authority. I believe in the good in people, the power of traditional genderoles, anti-feminism/pro-femininity, and that happiness is a choice.

Use your Superpower  

i've been rereading Worm, the best superhero story there is, was and ever will be. Well, maybe Ward (the sequel) is better, but i haven't read it yet.

It is about a world where about 1 in 8000 has some form of superpower. Like being able to fly, telekinesis, etc. Except that the powers are super diverse and it is really fun to read about them. No Superman kind of boring stuff.

There is one girl called Amy, she has the superpower to heal people. She just touches someone and then reconfigures the body to remove the illness or broken bones or whatever. She can cure cancer and everything.

Because of her Superpowers, Amy feels the duty to help people. To sacrifice her own well being to be constantly in hospitals healing people. She knows she can never heal everyone but she tries very hard to heal as many people as she possibly can, even at the cost of her own happiness. 

Now i know no one has this kind of superpowers but every girl has a gift. The gift of sucking. We may not be able to save a Man's life, but we can save a Man's day. We may not be able to bring health but we can bring happiness. So it is kind of our superpower. The power of cocksucking to make Men feel good. So it is kind of our duty to use this power for good, right?

So, i ask you this, is it selfish to not suck as many cocks as we possibly can? We can never suck all the cocks in the world, but we still can try to suck as many as possible.

Isn't every time we sit bored at home a wasted chance to make a big impact on random Man's life? Isn't this a wasted opportunity, a wasted part of our lives? Also, practice makes perfect, so by sucking cock we get better at it and in turn spread more happiness to the Men we blow.

For girls with Owners, this is different of course, because we have to follow his rules. But for single girls, is there really any viable excuse to not be sucking cock right now?

Of course, this is kinda philosophical, because we still need to work on ourselves and look pretty and docile. Sucking cock is an important part of a girl's life but so are looks and attitude. You can't have a bubbly bimbo personality without working on it. So don't give up everything for cock (especially since ugly and grumpy girls don't get Men to give them cock). But i bet every girl out there could easily increase their time sucking cock without impacting other parts of their life.

So, dear girls, are you using your superpower for good? Are you doing your part?

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Men stand and girls kneel

There is just a fundamental difference between our genders. Even though girls can stand strong and Men can kneel docile, it never really feels right for either.

It is basic biology when we think about it. Men are hunters, predators. They take charge, they "go for it". It doesn't always work out and no Man is faultless. But it is in their nature to try and shoot for the moon.

With us girls it is different. We don't like risks. We play it safe and rather follow a well laid out path than make split-second decisions. Overthinking is a big problem for girls.

So when both genders come together, we can support and complement each other. Men take charge but the simple fact that they are now responsible for a fragile girl makes them more risk-aware. Men have no problem risking their own lives, but risking their loved ones? That is what makes them be extra careful. And girls don't like uncharted territories where anything could happen, but if there is a safety net in the form of a Man taking care of us, we can dare to jump into the unknown.

Men thrive when they can take charge and lead. They flourish when they are making impactful decisions. Girls prosper when they can take care of things and nurture them to make them grow and go beyond. They can help Men grow and blossom, while Men have the ability to take girls out of their shells and still keep them safe.

Men benefit from having a girl to take care and girls benefit from leadership. It is a match made in heaven. We just have to be bold enough to admit it: Men stand and girls kneel. None is superior to the other, it is just 2 different sides of a coin. You cannot have a leader without a follower and you cannot follow without a leader.

That means we need to work together.
Dear Man, stand tall and take charge.
Dear girls, kneel docile and follow.

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Corset Ramblings

I came across a post on bdsmlr that made me ramble about Corsets. Nothing sexy, just some history nerding.

Corsets got a bad rep in the late 1800s when the first wave of feminism started. Lots of wrong information about the dangers of corsets, mainly coming from the fact that they are not comfortable to wear. Follow this link for more health information about Corsets. Fashion doesn't have to comfortable, it has to be pretty. All in all the victorian era was such an interesting time, especially the fashion and sexuality of that era is really fascinating. And i am kind of a history nerd so, sorry for this lengthy rambling that now follows.

Corsets really flourished in the victorian era and we often associate corsets with that time only. But corsets were around since forever. The oldest known corset is from 1600 BC (that's like 3600 years ago) from Greece. It was more like a tight belt around the waist, fashion back then was a bit barren, though girls didn't cover their tits. So maybe they were ahead of us in that sense?

The most important person in corset history, however, was Catherine de Medici, a french queen who got so fed up with fat chicks that she banned thick waists in court. That started the widespread use of corsets all over Europe that reached their height in the victorian era. And then feminism ruined it for everyone.

This was quite an exciting time though because about the same time Elizabeth I introduced makeup into the royal courts of Europe. Before her, it was looked down upon and was mostly used by whores. Makeup was very crude back then and it would take until the victorian era for more advanced and stylish Makeup to become available.

Before that, there was another french girl named Agnes Sorel (later called the first Tussi in history), who invented the nip slip. Well, actually she popularized wearing low cut gowns that more often than not exposed her nipples. No wonder the french king took her as his personal side bitch. Funnily enough, the real scandal surrounding her was her choice of jewelry, because everyone knew how nipples looked like (not like today where we have to censor them all the time) but actually her wearing diamonds was scandalous. But turns out, if you are fucking the king's brains out, you don't have to fear repercussions by society. i could go on for ages on how Agnes single-handedly saved France during the 100 years war and how unfair it is that Jeanne d'Arc gets all the fame, but alas, this here is about fashion.

And interestingly enough, the hourglass figure we prefer today came only into fashion in the mid 1800s. Before that, fashion had the waist begin right below the tits, so it was very cone-shaped. At the end of the victorian era, Charles Dana Gibson invented the Gibson Girl as the basis of all our modern beauty standards. The Gibson Girl has a very tiny waist and a roughly S shaped body (High Heels anyone?). But then the first world war happened and fashion got more practical and less beautiful.

Which leads us to today. We do have a slow rise in corset usage again, thanks to modern royalty from the US: the Kardashians. Even though it's mostly waist trainers instead of real full-fledged corsets.

The trouble is, corsets need time. You can't just start wearing super tight corsets and get away with it. Corsets are really waist trainers, they take time. Also, one main difference between victorian and modern corsets is that victorian corsets were custom fitted to the girl while modern ones usually are store bought. Good corsets are super expensive and take a lot of maintenance.

A cheaper way to get around that is waist trainers. The problem with them is that they are not pretty. You are really restricted with the clothes you can wear over them. You need form-fitting clothes that aren't too tight to show the waist trainer beneath, it's a tricky thing. But on the other hand much cheaper than a real corset and obviously not as good. But they do help with having a tinier waist :)

I urge all girls to look into waist training. It can be an easy way to look sexier. However, before you start, please check this video first.

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First Times

For a long time, i didn't understand what Men find hot about this. A girl licking a toilet or other non-sexual but icky things. But nowadays i know that it isn't about sex, it is about dignity. A normal person wouldn't lick the toilet, but a dirty whore would. That means by licking the toilet the girl admits to being a dirty whore. She shows that she has no boundaries, that she will do anything for him. Often it does not even matter what it is she does, as long as she does it because he wants it (and would never do it without him demanding it). And the more repulsive the action is, the more turned on the Man gets.

By debasing ourselves, by lowering ourselves to toilet licking whores, we can attract male attention. Every girl can look pretty in a dress, it is not that difficult. And while it is also not technically difficult to lick a toilet, most girls get stopped by their pride and dignity. Only by being able to overcome those burdens, we can show Men that we are worth their time. We can show them that we don't act inside the normal morals, that we are not like all the other girls, we are better, more fun. Of course, toilet licking is here just an example, not every Man will be into this particular action, but what they are into is into pushing the boundaries of what is considered "normal".

In that sense, it is kind of a test. A test if we are ready to submit or if our pride and dignity have ruined us. When it comes to sex Men have a very dirty and creative mind. There will always be new things that they invent. Just look at the porn industry. One would assume that by now every kind of porn has already been shot but yet the industry is booming with more and more videos coming out each day. Men don't want to let their sex life get stale, they need new things. So while it might have been enough to show some ankle 150 years ago, today Men need more. They need dirty sluts. They need us to throw away the "morals" of society and go the extra mile. Where it once has been showing some ankle, then maybe some knee and now we are in a time where clean-shaven pubic hair and anal sex is expected.

It won't stop. It will keep going. Men will need more and more, we can't just sit back and relax on the basis that we once licked a toilet. No, Men need more and need it repeated. You cannot do things for the first time twice. Once you degraded yourself in a certain way, you can repeat it but you can never make happen for the first time again. With each repeat, it will get easier and more normal. That is why morals shift - there will always be people on the edge of what is "normal" and push the boundaries a little further. And after a while, it is not seen as weird anymore and a new normal gets created.

So keep in mind that with every degrading action, with every defiance of your pride and with every renouncing of your dignity, you shift what's normal a little bit further. And every first you give your Man just ingrains you in his brain. A Man will not remember the 10th blowjob he got, but he sure as hell still knows everything about the first time he came into a girl's mouth.

Do your research and check the porn sites for new stuff. Look at what is trending, those are the videos Men are watching. Watching something is the first step. After they have seen plenty of it, they will want to experience it. So prepare by watching the same videos and get used to the ideas in porn. Over time even the most degrading actions can appear normal to us, use this to your advantage and always be one step ahead :)

Of course, this does not mean that this is all Men want. Men want a variety of things, they are quite complex beings. But porn, sex, and degradation go hand in hand. Every Man is influenced by them to some extent. Some more and some less. But it never hurts to dismantle any pride you might feel. Pride never helped anyone, it is poisonous. With dignity it is the same. No girl ever got her prince charming because she was the most dignified. No Man ever had an orgasm from respecting a girl.

I had this epiphany a while ago while watching one of my favorite movies: Mini's First Time. It is a movie about how things are only really fun the first time you do them. And once they are done, there is no way of undoing them and each repeat is just an echo of the first time.

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Silence is Golden

One thing Men really don't need (especially after a long workday) is a waterfall of words when they come home. This does not mean Men don't care about us, but they are not as communicative as we are. They need their quiet and rest to recharge their energy.

Also one of the main reasons why a man wants a divorce is a nagging wife. Nagging can be really harmful (even to your Man's health) and sadly, nagging happens automatically when we just word vomit whatever comes to our minds. We tend to talk for the sake of talking because we want to communicate with our Man and we want to include him in our life. The problem, however, is that Men can't differentiate between what is important to us and what is just word salad. Men tend to focus on problems and want to provide us with solutions, so whenever we bring up problems to them they feel the need to solve them. That can put a lot of stress on them (especially when they are listening to us instead of recharging their batteries). So even if we don't mean to nag them, we often do so by accident. 

It is important to reduce our communication (while on the other hand, it is important for Men to increase theirs) so we can meet each other somewhere in the middle. This is where gags can come in handy. It is easy to restrain yourself from talking when you have a gag in your mouth. It makes us think about what to say and prioritize the information we wanna give our Man. As a special hint to Men: gags can also be super useful during movies or sport watching if your girl has the tendency to talk over the TV.

Don't cheap out on gags though. It is important to get a comfortable one. First, you have to get the size right. You probably have to try a few different ones, but i prefer ball gags with a slightly smaller ball. Don't go too cheap on the straps however, they need to be easy on the skin too. A full muzzle can be super useful and comfortable too, but the act of putting it on and off can be a bit of a nuisance.

Now comes the most difficult part. Dear Sirs, i know that when your girl is gagged you feel super relaxed and you could let this go on forever. But it is really important that you give your girl her talky time. She needs to vent, she needs to talk nonsense and most importantly, she needs you to care about her life.

So gag her when you need your quiet when you need to rest some, when you need to get some energy back or when you just need some me-time. This is perfectly fine. She doesn't need to talk 24/7, even if she wants to. But keep the clock in mind. Your girl needs her talky time as well. You can limit it and move it to when it suits you best, but you cannot get rid off it. This would only lead to an unhappy girl. But keep in mind that when her talking gets to much, you can gag her again. Just be fair about it and be sure to give her the attention she needs.

Please make sure she doesn't see it as punishment but as an important part of your relationship: quiet time. With young kids "quiet time" is an important thing in their education. And never forget that girls are like young children, so it is often wise to use tips for kids' education when dealing with us.

i really believe that gags can increase the happiness of any couple. Like most things in a relationship, it is best when the Man is in charge and sets the right priorities. He has to handle it fair though. Remember that you are the boss, you decide. But your decisions have consequences and your job is to keep the relationship flourishing. So take what you need but give what you can :)

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Don't forget about Ass

We are often so focused on tits and how bouncy they are and how men just love playing with and staring at them, that we forget that girls are way more than just a pair of tits. We are a bunch of ass too. Unlike tits, you can actively work on your ass without any surgery. Just do your exercises and practice daily (but don't overwork it). And soon you will have a jiggling ass like the one in the GIF. Your ass is important! Don't neglect it.

Having a fine piece of ass can make the difference. Men always look at tits first, but then they look at our ass. Long and sexy legs that melt into a tight and round ass, that is what male dreams are made of. And this is also what they see when they fuck us from behind, this is what they see when they open up the door and let us walk through, this is what they see when they discipline us. Men spend a very long time looking at our asses, so girls, do your exercises and don't forget about ass.

Remember Nicki Minaj, "My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun". And you do want that anaconda, hun :)

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Happiness is just a bounce away

The whole Thank God It's Titty Bounce Day Archive can be found on pornhub.

While we all know that Men love boobs, we often underestimate HOW much they love them. Tits can be fun but for us girls, they are also often in the way. Especially when they bounce needlessly and if not outright hurt, at least get in the way.

But Men have a very different view.

They just love boobs. Be they round, big, small, perky, whatever. Men adore tits. Any shape and form.

Boobs have a certain magic when it comes to Men. No matter how down a Man feels, how many hardships he has endured - the sight of some bouncing boobs and maybe even the grabbing and playing with them will cheer him up. Guaranteed.

So i want to raise awareness for tits. They matter. They are awesome. And most of all: they should be community good. Men should enjoy tits. Men should get to see nice cleavages, sideboobs and underboobs, perky nipples and of course, especially today on Titty Bounce Day: some bouncy greatness.

Dear girls, don't be ashamed. Don't stand for slut-shaming and other rude stuff. Be proud of your titties. Show them. Let the Men around you enjoy them. Because if there is one force in the world that can unite all people and bring us eternal world peace: it is bouncing titties. They just look adorable and everyone wants to play with them. So don't hold back. It is summer, so bras are a nuisance at best. Get rid of bras and let the girls swing free.

And then we can all breast boobily to the stairs and tit downwards :) Happiness is just a bounce away!

The whole Thank God It's Titty Bounce Day Archive can be found on pornhub.

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