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good girls don't cum

Oh, don't get me wrong. i love to cum. i love to get permission for my cummies. It is an awesome feeling. But the key to a good orgasm is that it is rare. Rare and precious. Edging has many great advantages over "finishing" a masturbation session.

On my Discord server there are many good girls. One of them is puppy4life. And one of our great Sirs took her under his wing and made her do notebook or sketchbook or maybe the best name for it is a "Good Girl Book". Here are some pictures.

  1. Why edges are better than orgasms
  2. Feels so good
  3. Can last for hours or more
  4. Makes you feel like a good girl...
  5. Builds discipline and self control
  6. Keeps you nice and needy
  7. Feel sexy all day
  8. Can have a quick edge almost anywhere
  9. Makes you more sexually adventurous
  10. Doesn't feel selfish
  11. Makes you feel special
  12. No letdown/decreased libido
  13. Makes you feel submissive and obedient
  14. Helps you focus on someone else's pleasure instead of your own
  15. Sometimes "No" is the best word to hear
  16. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy
  17. Wake up horny every day
  18. Feel more feminine
  19. It's better when someone else decides for you
  20. Good girls don't cum

A very good and educational list. Let me reiterate on the last point: Good girls don't cum. At least not without male consent. Because when you get male consent for your cummies, you don't cum selfishly. You cum to please someone. And that is what female happiness is all about: we find happiness in pleasing someone else.

So even if you don't have a real life Sir to take charge of your cummies, don't just cum selfishly. Ask online instead. There are many great Sirs out there who will happily give you permission to cum, if you are a good girl. And when you finally get the male consent for an orgasm, it will feel so much stronger and so much more powerful. Try it out. You will never go back to boring old orgasms. Edging is just so much better...

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