The Modern Female

I am a girl from Austria and this is my blog about how to be a modern girl and the importance of female obedience to male authority. I believe in the good in people, the power of traditional genderoles, anti-feminism/pro-femininity, and that happiness is a choice.

Raising awareness for TGITBD!

This is something very dear to my heart. Something that can make this world so much a better place, that we all ought to feel ashamed of not doing it more often. i am of course talking about Titty Bouncing.

The act of titty bouncing is pretty simple, every girl knows how to do it. And yes, you can even bounce pretty small titties. It is not always about pure size, even though bigger tits obviously bounce better. But it is not about size or bounciness, it isn't even about tits: it is about portraying happiness.

We all know how cute dogs look when they come running towards you, waging their tail to their fullest and just radiating happiness because of it. This is what we need between humans as well. We just don't have any tails to wag, but luckily we girls have titties to bounce. And coincidentally, bouncing titties make Men very happy. So why not project happiness that way?

Which brings us back to today: Friday. We all know TGIF (Thank God It's Friday), a shout to celebrate the end of the work week. So why not use this happy day to celebrate in a new way: by bouncing titties. You don't have to undress or do anything special, but on Fridays when work is over, i want each and every one of you to bounce some titties. Doesn't have to be much, doesn't have to be in public, but BE HAPPY. Radiate fun and cheerfulness. Bounce some titties.

If we start doing it today and keep doing it on Fridays, we can bring so much joy into this world. Kinda like cute puppies with wagging tails coming to give you cuddles. Let's see happy girls with a certain bounce or spring in their step, jiggling a little and making Men all around the world smile.

Because today is Friday. A day we ought to celebrate. So from now on don't say TGIF, instead say TGITBD. Thank God It's Titty Bounce Day. Because you earned it. You survived another work week and now you can be free (at least for a weekend). You can have fun, you can go crazy and you can share your happiness with the whole wide world.

By Titty Bouncing!

The whole Thank God It's Titty Bounce Day Archive can be found on pornhub.

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A body like this!

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Well, to be honest, most girls will never get a body like hers. It does not only take pure dedication over a very long time but also a lot of money. Getting fit and looking good can be done by the power of will alone, but her grade of sexiness requires the right funds as well.

Yet we shouldn't knock it off. People often talk about unrealistic beauty standards and how they are unhealthy. How it is bad to long for something you can never achieve. But i think this is exactly what we need. We need to want a body like this. We need to crave a body like this. This will keep us focused and motivated.

Goals are supposed to be unbelievably high. NASA scientists don't think like a city on Mars is unrealistic and therefore we shouldn't work on it. They know it will take time and probably a few generations, but the dream is there. When a young singer starts singing and performing her music, does she expect to be bigger than Michael Jackson, Britney, and Madonna? No, she does not. She dreams of being this big and the dream keeps her going.

With beauty, it is the same thing. We need role models like Aletta Ocean to show us what could be. To show us what we can dream about. Even if we will never reach her body form, we are not wrong in trying. We just have to accept that dreams are dreams. Dreams aren't supposed to be easy to achieve. They are goals to long for. And most dreams will never be fulfilled, that is just a part of life.

So stare at her body, imagine being her. This is all very healthy. Because then you will get out and into the gym and work your cute lil' ass off. It is about the journey. About working towards a goal. It is like being polite. Will you always be polite in every situation and never lose your temper? Probably not. But tell me, is it unhealthy to try?

A body like this is a goal worth working for. Even if we know we will never achieve it. But just getting a bit closer is worth so much. Self-improvement is a steady road. And it does not matter how far away you are from the goal - all that matters is that in a few weeks you will be a tad bit closer your goal. Improvement does not care about speed, all that counts is going in the right direction.

So i want all the girls admitting it now: Yes, i want a body like this! It is good to have dreams. Striving for things that seem unattainable is what makes us human. It is what made us evolve. Long for the stars, dear girls, long for the stars.

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Height Matters

There are scientific studies that show that men find women in high heels more attractive than women in flat shoes. But even more so, the higher the heels, the more interested men are into the woman.

This has many reasons which are not fully explored yet, but some contributing factors are the enforced posture change and the projection of helplessness. Damsels in distress have always allured men, so to appear vulnerable is often times a good way to catch a man's eye. High heels make us less steady and less agile, therefore appeal to a man's chivalry to protect us. This is a subconscious thing and men wanting to help and safeguard us is not a testimony to how weak we are, but to how precious we are.

So don't just go for high heels over flat shoes, always go for the highest heels possible. Sometimes agility and balance matters, then it is best to opt for kitten wedges. But most of the time it should be stilettos with an ever-growing height.

Don't wear heels you don't feel comfortable in yet. Practice with them at home, because hardly anything is less sexy than a girl stumbling along in her shoes. Wear the highest heels you can comfortably walk in and keep on training with higher ones at home.

Because height matters. Men will react better and better towards you, even on a subconscious level. Beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder, but smart women know how to nudge him in the right direction.
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Learn to Strut

Don`t walk, strut. Walking is for getting from point A to point B, but a modern female knows, getting somewhere is not as important as getting noticed. So practice your strut and forget about walking.

Always wear heels and always cross step. Those are the basics, never stray from them. You know how models walk on a catwalk, so just imitate them without forcing it too much. A good strut comes naturally and that is why practice is very important. Train at home in front of a mirror first, listen to what the men around you say and let it become your nature.

Never walk! Always strut!

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The Right Mix

Being pretty is super important. Like, really really super mega duper important. But you gotta understand that you can always be prettier. Even good Amy Lee Summers here has things about her body she doesn’t like. It really does not matter how good you look, there will always be things to improve.

But being pretty is not all that matters. You gotta be obedient too. Obedience is the best way to make Men like you more. Of course, Men will always go for the beautiful girls first and the more beautiful you are, the more attention you will get from Men. And Men do have a high tolerance for taking crap from a pretty girl as well. But at the end of the day, Men prefer docile, obedient girls to bitchy ones.

So use this to your advantage. Maybe you can’t be the most pretty girl in a room, but you can improve your value with obedience. Men will trade down a bit for a docile girl. For ease of maintenance. For user-friendliness.

Work on your body, but don’t forget your mind. There will always be girls prettier than you. There will always be girls more fuckable than you. There will always be girls more obedient than you. There will be better cooks, dancer, cleaners, cock suckers,… whatever. You can’t be the best in everything, but you can have a perfect mix.

Look at all the qualities Men like in a girl and work on all of them. Put Men first with whatever you do. Always ask yourself: will Men like this? Your biggest obstacles at first will be dignity and self-respect. But once you get rid of them, you can be every Men’s dream girl. So even if this girl is hotter than you, you are dressed sluttier than her. And if this girl sucks cock so much better than you, well you are much better at following orders than her. It is the right mix that wins!

And in that spirit: dear Men, what are the qualities you like in a girl?

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Sex vs Relationship

For Men sex and relationship are two very different things while we girls can’t usually have one without the other. For us, it is very difficult to separate them.

This has many reasons, one of them are hormones. During sex, our body produces a lot of hormones to make us feel good. Everyone knows the high from a good orgasm. But there are differences between Men and girls. For example, the male body produces dopamine while the female body produces oxytocin. Oxytocin is called the “cuddle hormone” because it makes us cuddly and is also one of the key aspects of mother-baby-bonding. It makes us love, cuddle and want to nurture. That means sex is very personal for a girl. Dopamine, on the other hand, is a pure pleasure hormone. It can even lead to addictions because it solely focuses on the “feel good” center of the brain. It just makes “high”, like a drug.

Both feelings, the cuddly oxytocin and the high of dopamine are very positive things. Both are very nice to experience and that is why we like sex. But if we look closer, it is easy to see how relationships are a more important part of sex for girls. While Men can go around fucking everything they can get their hands, girls need intimacy.

This means when a Man cheats, we can’t be too mad at him. For him it was not a case of being unfaithful, he just had some fun. Kind of like he goes out with his buddies drinking and watching the game. He had fun but he will come back to you because fun and sex are very different things to him than the relationship he has with you.

There is this saying “a Man is basically as faithful as his options” and it is very true. We girls get offered sex regularly. It is how the world works: Men offer sex and it is our decision if we wanna accept it. Dick is free but pussy costs money. So from high school on we always have Men in our life that offer sex to us. So it is very easy for us to turn it down. For once, we are very practiced in it and also we know we can get more Men to offer tomorrow.

When a Man gets offered sex it is very hard for him to turn it down. First of all, there is no emotional bond he needs to have, he can fuck a hot girl even though she was just a huge bitch to him. As long as her tits are nice, he will be game. For us girls, this wouldn’t work. If someone hurts us emotionally we are not gonna fuck him. No matter how hot. And for Men, this also means: after the sex is done, it is over. They don’t want to stay, talk and cuddle. They want to get out and get a beer with their buddies and maybe do it again tomorrow night. Preferably without any talking - because emotions and intimacy are very different from sex for them.

Men need variety. It is in their biology to spread their seed around. Even though we have come far as a society, lots of ancient behaviors are still ingrained in our bodies. We girls want a powerful Man who can provide for us and protect us. That is the kind of guy we wanna give children to. Men, on the other hand, want to spread themselves around. And while i don’t think it is a good idea for a Man to have lots of kids with different girls, the urge to fuck around is deep inside them. Can we really fault them for it?

Especially since the male sex drive is much more pronounced than the female one. Men have a greater desire to fuck, and they don’t need as much preparation as we do. Men just get horny. There are a million things that can turn on a Man, in contrast to girls who often need to be in the right mood first, before any turning on can even happen. And once a Man is horny he can go straight for the sex. No need to play around, no need for foreplay - just straight to the orgasm. What it comes down to is, Men, want more sex than their significant other. So even if the girl gives in more often than she would want to, the Man still doesn’t get sex as often as he wants.

So we shouldn’t use the same scale for Men and girls when it comes to sex. Men shouldn’t be shamed for having sex. It should be only called cheating if they also get involved emotionally. Because that is the bond they have with their significant other.

Men and girls see relationship and sex from a very different perspective. It is very wrong to apply the same rules to both. We need to accept and embrace the differences. That is the only way to form strong and lasting relationships. So when it comes to sex, it is important to give Men some leeway. They don’t seek to replace their girl with another one, they are just trying to complement their lives. Kinda in the same way we girls do when we seek emotional support among friends. This is something a Man would never do. He would never share his intimate fears with a one night stand. Because of this emotional part, this intimacy is part of his relationship. He wouldn’t take it elsewhere.

This is also the reason why Men get jealous when girls talk about intimate details of their life with their male friends. From a male standpoint, this is cheating, because he himself would never do that. It would feel like he betrayed his significant other if he did.

We need to understand these differences and cut Men some slack when it comes to sex with other people and at the same time accept that girls will seek emotional support with other people. If we truly understand these differences we can incorporate them in our lives. And maybe the girl can help find fuck buddies for her Man and the Man can help his girl socialize more. Because those are the needs we have that often cannot be filled by a single person. That does not mean we don’t value our significant other, but sometimes we need more than they can give.

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