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Everyone knows the girl-scale: a 1 to 10 scale, where 10 is hottest and 1 is ugly as fuck. There is always a lot of discussions if a girl is a 7 or 8 or 9 or whatever, and so i don't think it is a very useful system. If you are into it, by all means, go for it, here is even a good explanation to do it right:

For me, Ordering is much better. Instead of assigning a rating to a girl, you order all present girls from hottest to ugliest. This way, you always have a reference and you don't have to assign a rating out of the blue. And if a new girl comes in, you fit her into your ordering. You can't always go for a 10, but you can always go for the hottest one available. So start rating by ordering!

Do this all the time. i always assess my competition and order them, myself included. It really feels awesome when i come first or second. i might be biased a little but i do think i rate pretty good :) i think everyone should do it when they enter a room. Find who is hottest, so you know on whom to focus. It also really helps with normalizing objectifying girls. This is a big plus :)

i really wanna know what you guys think and how your ordering compares to mine. It is an awesome exercise to see what men (and girls) are into, what beauty standards we should strive for. So please also always add your gender when posting your ordering. Thanks so much :)

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