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My random advice column. Wisdom and female knowledge that probably every girl should know.

What kind of panties are Ok to wear?

This came up on my discord today and since i am a bad girl and haven't written anything of substance in the last weeks, here is my take on
"What kind of panties are Ok?" 

Remember: you can't always wear slutty clothes in public. But you can always wear slutty and sexy lingerie in public. People may not know what you are wearing, but you can feel sexy without getting judged. i usually always wear some form of lingerie underneath my boring work clothes.

i personally think this is more of a joke. i do have one, but it does not feel comfortable or protective. i do think Men would enjoy seeing a girl in it, but it also feels too restrictive to really work. 

This should be the goto for all girls. It is quite simple, can be bought pretty cheap and in bulk and even "ugly" ones look sexy. Go for this if you don't know what else to take. You can't go wrong. 

This is basically the same as a T-String, except you have 2 bands in the back instead of one, which is a tad bit better. Go for this too, you can't go wrong with bands alone. Designs can be ugly, but pure bands? Nope, always sexy.

This is similar to T-Strings and V-Strings, but there is more design. Most of my panties are G-Strings. They offer way more variety compared to the other Strings and so you gotta watch out for the right designs. Definitely, the best when you find good cuts.  

Thongs can be more comfortable than Strings and still look good. Look for mesh designs to make the see-through. 

Now we are getting into more traditional and prudish panties. Tangas are fine, but you really have to find good designs and cuts. 

This is what i would call "traditional" underwear. As basic as it gets. You really need very cute designs to make this work. 

Because of the high rise on the waist, it looks much better than normal bikini style. The high rise makes your pussy "pop" more than the low rise of the bikini. 

In all areas inferior to the G-String. Way too much back coverage. 

It can be nice, especially in mesh designs, because it hugs your ass cheeks. It can add some variety to your wardrobe, but in general, stay away. 

A sexy form of "granny panties" but since those are the worst, making them a tad bit sexier, is not good enough. Avoid. 

Not good. No. The only exceptions are super tight ones that show a nice cameltoe. Use very rarely. Mostly interesting for Bikinis that you wear in public (to show off your cameltoe). 

Ew. No. 

High-Leg Brief
Not really good, but a high rise on the waist can be sexy. Less coverage of your intimate areas can give the impression of a "bare pussy" while not actually showing anything. 

High-Waist Brief
Ew. No. 

This is not to be seen. Use shapewear under your everyday clothes when you don't expect to undress in front of anyone. Especially with skin-tight dresses, they can be really good. But in general: use shapewear whenever possible. 

In that sense, consider using a "butt lifter". It can make your ass look much better without any effort. 

When looking at the sexiness of panties, think about how high the waist goes. You can't wear high rise panties with everything, though when the possible high rise is sexier than low/mid-rise. See this picture: 

i added red circles for the "sexy" areas, the ones to show off. On the front view, you can easily see why boyshorts or bikinis a problem. The pubic mound is slightly raised, so there are some dimples next to it. Those are cute and sexy and should be shown off. So less fabric is needed there, just cover the pubic mound, that is enough for modesty. Also, see the 2 dark lines i've drawn? Imagine them as guidelines, from your pussylips to your hip bones, they make a guideline - don't cover the outer parts if at all possible. This allows you to really frame your ass cheeks nicely. 

On the back view, i omitted to mark the ass cheeks. It is obvious that we wanna show them off as much as possible. But also there are other areas we need to focus on. Below the ass cheeks lies the "gluteal fold". This is what makes your ass "pop". It is touch to accentuate it without shapewear, so the easiest solution is to let it just be completely uncovered. If you cover it, you take some "pop" away from your ass. 

The upper area is where "tramp stamps" try to draw focus as well. With low-cut jeans, you can even show some "ass cleavage" like that, but V-Strings for example, or some G-Strings can really add some impressions there. T-Strings are bad here, that is why V-Strings are a bit better.

Of course, the bottom line is to wear what makes you feel sexy. Paris Hilton says: No matter what a girl wears if she is confident, she is sexy. And i stick to this. But if you want to wear something sexier, use this guide.

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Don't be subtle 

Don't ever try to be subtle with Men. They are not good at understanding subtle hints. Flirting is best done very bold. Men want it, they need it, spelled out. If you like a Sir, you better tell him as straight and direct as possible and well, as feminine as possible to his face.

When flirting, don't just tell him he as nice biceps, he will think you just liked his biceps. Instead, show him what you want. We girls are often too reserved and wait for the Man to make the first move. This is perfectly natural and fine, but it doesn't mean you have to sit pretty and wait. Go on the offensive.

Show your cleavage, upskirt him, bend over - be as forward as you dare, but also as passively feminine as is required. It is his role to ask you out (or get rejected), you don't have to set yourself up for this kind of drama. Also never deny a Man his chase. If he just gets you without any work, that is no fun. So give him his due chase when he asks you out but always show him that his goal (you) is within grasp.

So try asking him for his help, make eye contact, offer yourself to him. Make it as clear as you can because he will not pick up on it easily. So don't be dismayed if he ignores you at first, he very likely didn't understand your advances. Men don't get offers from girls like that. The Men in the picture might even think she wants him off the couch so she can stretch out and relax. Men are amazing geniuses when it comes to solving problems, but with social cues they are useless.

So don't be subtle girls. And if a Man ignores you, just come back with more force. Unless he clearly states "No", he is fair game. But also remember that Men like submissive girls that do as they are told. Sometimes this can be the best way to catch a Man's attention, by being exceptionally obedient.

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Effort is sexy 

Not everyone can look like a supermodel. Not everyone can look like a big titted bimbo. Not everyone can be perfect. Sometimes even certain kinds of "perfect" contradict each other (bimbos can't be supermodels and vice versa).

But something can always be done: putting effort into how you look.

Life can be stressful and sometimes we have to put the things we need to do before the things we want to do. But if we really care about ourselves, about our body - we can make some time each day. Maybe you can afford 2 hours each day on looking pretty, maybe you can only spend 30 minutes. It does not matter. What matters is, that you put the most effort into it you can muster.

That means going to the gym, doing exercises, or some kind of sport. Be active. This is your only body, you cannot get a new one if you ruin in this one :)

But also make yourself presentable. Take some time in the morning to do your makeup. Set a fixed amount of time aside for your morning beauty routine. The longer, the better. But if you can only spare 15 minutes, then so be it. But put effort into it.

It's the same with your clothes. Either figure out the day before what you wanna wear or have your Man give you a detailed list of what to wear - whatever your choice, you gotta put maximum effort into it. Don't linger around in your sleepwear. Get into a cute dress, a sexy skirt, or whatever else Men would like on you.

Effort is sexy. Men will notice if you work hard. And routine helps here a lot as well. Don't just slouch on the couch in your pajamas just because it's Sunday. Do your morning routine, put effort into it, even if no one is going to see you in your hot stylish outfit. Routine and effort pay off.

Building up the public image of a well dressed, well behaved, beauty takes time. Destroying this with slack pants and no makeup takes only one slip up. So even when i am just throwing away the garbage, i never leave my house without makeup or my hair done. But because i always do my makeup and hair in the morning, i don't even run into the risk of leaving my house without looking impeccable. That is the beauty of routine.

So, dear girls, put some effort in. Follow Ice Cube's suggestion: "You can do it, put your back into it"!

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Try wearing a shorter skirt!

Try wearing a shorter skirt tomorrow than you did today. And repeat each day :) Especially now in the summer, there is no excuse for wearing anything else than a skirt. And if you are already wearing one, just go shorter!

There is no such thing as a too short skirt. You can always go shorter. Just try to do it, the effect it has on Men will be mesmerizing to you. Just don’t forget the matching High Heels to really accentuate your legs. You don’t have to go overboard on the first day. Just steadily, each day a little shorter than the last day. And if you are scared the skirt is too short, just wear boyshorts underneath until you are more comfortable in thongs or going commando. Skirts are fun, so have fun with them. But always keep improving. Even if it is just 1mm each day...

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Only 2 things matter!

Your beauty and your obedience. Everything else is really pretty much unimportant. Well, not really unimportant - things like being a good cook, being a good fuck, and things like that do matter, but beauty and obedience are the basics. The minimum requirement to be a good girl. So try to work on your beauty when you are on your own and try to work on your obedience when you are in the company of Men.

Unpretty girls never get the attention they need and disobedient girls never keep the attention they received. So, dear girls, stay beautiful and work on your body. Get a gym membership, do sports, learn new makeup tricks, go on a shopping spree for slutty clothes,... Do whatever it takes to be the most beautiful version of yourself. Be the most pretty you possible. Remember that beauty comes in many forms and not everyone can have Gigi Hadid's hair, Kim Kardashian Wests' ass, Britney Spears' abs, Aletta Ocean's tits, Kendall Jenner's face, and Rihanna's legs. But just because you don't look like a supermodel (yet) doesn't mean you can slack off. Perfection is not something we ever gonna reach, it is a goal to strive for.

And, for the love god, dear girls, always and i can't stress this enough, always be as obedient as possible. Men have to deal with so much stressful and unfun stuff all day, they really don't need you to add to that. When interacting with a Man, always be super submissive and follow every order to the dot.

If you always keep those 2 simple things in mind, you will find happiness. i promise :)

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How to be a woman by Captionist

Some special picks form a caption series by Captionist on "How to be a woman"

Be nice to men.
Always be pleasant. Don't say mean things. Good girls don't want confrontations, good girls long for praise, peace, and quiet. 

Wear tight clothes.
Men like to look at nice things. So you better be a nice thing if you want male approval. 

Make yourself look stupid. It's called "cute".
Puppies are cute mainly because they are dumb and unskilled. It's the same with girls. It stimulates the male protective instinct. Use this. 

Be a role model for others.
Or "be the change you wanna see in the world". The first step to a better world starts with your foot in front of the other. 

Strive to make Men happy.
If a Man is happy, he is bound to make you happy too. 

Embrace sexual objectification.
You are sexy. Show it to the world. 

Stay fit. Stay healthy. Stay fuckable.
Your body is your most important asset. Treat it well. Do your exercises, eat healthy and keep your mind in a happy place. 

Let men tell you how to be.
To be what Men want, you gotta listen to Men. Men will tell you what they desire, what they dream about. But you gotta follow the path that they lay out for you. 

Compete with other women for male attention.
Sadly, male attention is a finite resource. Every day, every hour, every minute and every second we are in competition with each other. It is a friendly and healthy competition, don't make it get ugly - men don't like vile people. Stay happy but compete as hard as you can. 

Follow the rules made by men.
Follow rules. Always. No excuses. Rules are made to be obeyed. Don't complain about them. They are made for a reason. You don't have to understand the reasoning behind them to follow them. So don't even try. If a Man made a rule, that rule has a purpose. Don't question it.

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Get ahead by giving head!  

How to get what you want from life? For Men this is a complicated thing. It is about taking charge, picking his battles and achieving things. Being a Man is a tough thing. Luckily, we are girls. For a girl to get what she wants from life is pretty simple: give head.

Men love getting their dick sucked. And if you do a good job, he will like you. And when a Man likes you, he will watch out for you and provide for you. So to get ahead in life, you have to give head. You have to give Men what they want, so they will give you what you want. And Man have the power and strength to provide us with everything we could ever dream of. They are our knights in shining armor.

So it is pretty simple. Get ahead by giving head. But even if you don't understand all the concepts, just try giving more blowjobs. Offer them more freely. You will instantly see an improvement in how Men treat you. And being valued by Men, being liked and loved and lusted after, this is what being a girl is all about. Be smart, give head. 

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