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Mission Statement: i want a world where people love each other and violence is frowned upon. Since we can't have this in the real world, let's make this here. Be nice to each other, love each other. This here is a place for Men being Men and girls being girls. No feminist propaganda please. Only girls loving Men and Men loving girls. No misogyny either. Yes, Men are the leaders but a good leader is always responsible and takes care of his subjects. And girls are worthy of love. So be free and do whatever comes naturally, but dear Men, please remember that you are the moral leaders here. You have to strive to be better, show us why you are the leaders in this world. And dear girls, remember the female virtues of being nice, pleasant and docile.

For specific rules please see the #rules channel on the Server. It basically comes down to following Discord TOS and being a decent human being.

If you are looking for fapping or roleplay stuff, this server is not for you! 

Roles Explained

Men / girls
Every user on the discord is either a Man or a girl. Transgender people get the gender they identify as. No "non-binary" stuff though, you are not an attack helicopter and you don't get special pronouns. You are either a girl or a Man.

Men are the moral leaders and girls have to be submissive towards them. This is not a high protocol Server though, so you don't have to call every Man "Sir", but feel free to do so. Men have to uphold the moral standards.

girls are required to follow some etiquette, so there is a language bot that reminds girls to behave ladylike. You cannot opt-out from this.

The staff keeps the server running. If there is a problem somewhere, please contact @staff. What the staff says is final. There is no discussion allowed. If you have a problem with a certain staff member, please talk to @tussi4life directly.

Hosts are the friendly people to welcome everyone to the server. Upon entry, every new user is asked to provide a short introduction. The hosts (and staff) then award the appropriate roles to let this person enter. Remember that only submissive girls and dominant Men are allowed in. Transgender people are treated as the gender they identify as. No "non-binary" stuff. You are either a Man or a girl, we don't have roles for attack helicopters or furries.

Newcomer role
Every new member gets this role assigned automatically. Once the person talked enough in chat, the role gets removed automatically and replaced with the member role. You can tell new and seasoned users apart by this. Member also get voice access for voice chats. 

Idle/Active/Power User
Inactive users get flagged as "Idle Users" and once they talk again, they become "Active Users". Certain friends of tussi4life or important people get the "Power User" role. This does not grant special privileges. This system is solely to figure out who is active and who is not. Inactive Users may be removed from the server - but don't worry, this is neither a strict system nor is rejoining a problem. Every user that gets removed from the Server will get a rejoin link in a separate DM.


If you want pings for certain events, we have 3 roles:

discussion - whenever someone posts an interesting discussion topic or deep question, they usually ping this.

voice chat - whenever someone wants to start a voice chat session, they usually ping this role.

ordering - whenever i post a new ordering picture, i ping this role.

Fun Stuff

Automated Media 
This section is filled by an automated tool that loads images from certain blogs and websites. While the sources are handpicked and manually verified, the content they post is not. So please keep in mind that we do our best to keep the automated images on point and correct, we cannot guarantee anything. Please report any inappropriate images to @tussi4life. She will deal with it. Also image series will get split up, so if some posts only make sense in a certain order, it will most likely be jibberish on the discord.

Suggestions for good blogs to follow is always welcome. 

We have 4 game channels

#jeopardy - here you can play jeopardy. Remember to always answer in a question. Use "t.auto" to start a new game and "quit" to end the current one.

#trivia - play some trivia games. Use ">trivia" to start a new trivia session.

#gambling - play some casino games. See "+help" for available games.

#picture-chain - alphabetical pictures. For each letter in the alphabet, post one picture. Don't post twice in a row and be fun about it. Don't go for obvious words.


!qotd - the bot suggest a Question of the Day kind of question. If you want to chat, but don't know about what, this is your goto.

!wisdom - a random fun fact or saying from yours truley.

!visdom - get a random wisdom from the one, the only, my biggest internet crush ever: Mr. Vintage I. Stepford.

!ostart - initate a new girl ordering. Post it together with a nice group picture.

!order a b c d e - everyone can vote on their ordering. You have to separate each letter with either a space or comma. !order abcd won't work.

!oresult - see the current standings

Music Bot
We use Octave as a music bot. With "_help" you can see all it's features. If you have the role @voiceDJ you can start, skip, etc songs without problem. If not, you initiate a vote everytime you do one of those things.

The most important features are:
_play party in the usa
Plays the song that matches "party in the usa"
_playlists load "https://some.url"
Load a youtube playlist. Works with spotify, soundcloud, etc.
_radio custom "Your Playlist"
This starts "Your Playlist" on random and repeat.
Show the current queue
Show the lyrics to the current song
Show the help


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