The Modern Female

I am a girl from Austria and this is my blog about how to be a modern girl and the importance of female obedience to male authority. I believe in the good in people, the power of traditional genderoles, anti-feminism/pro-femininity, and that happiness is a choice.

Never wear a bikini without matching High Heels 

Actually, never wear anything without matching High Heels. And actually, even if you are not wearing anything, you should still wear matching High Heels. Heels are just the perfect friend, the perfect accessory to make you look more beautiful. Sometimes at a beach or when sun tanning on grass, a wedge heel might be better than a stiletto, but the fact remains: you look better in high heels.

Like you would never go out without makeup, you should never let other people see you without Heels. They shape our form, they pronounce our assets better than any other item can. High Heels are girl's best friend, so always, and i mean always, wear them. Even home alone, or while sunbathing at the pool. No Exceptions.

Because looking good matters. That is why it is also important to have different styles of bikinis: for tanning, for swimming, and for sports. i used to play a lot of beach volleyball when i was younger and i always wore less sexy but more robust bikinis for that. But when tanning i always wore the most sexy and sometimes even very fragile bikinis. If you know what you are going to do, you can plan accordingly and wear the best things for that occasion. For example, while tanning you can even wear full makeup. You just have to remember to not go into the water :)

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Make Men notice you

Men are busy people. There are a lot of girls in this world and Men don't just have the time to deal with all of us. So you have to stand out. You have to make Men notice you. Make them see you for who you are. Use whatever assets are to your disposal, because if you don't will, some other girl will.

Male attention is a finite resource. There is only so much time Men can spend on us. So we are competing in a fierce environment. Not every girl can get the male attention she wants and some girls will get more than others. But getting male attention is the key to getting all we ever dreamed about: male approval. So fluff up your tits, tighten your blouse, lift up your skirt and go out there and do your best. Make Men take notice of you. Make Men see you. Make Men approve of you. If you really believe in yourself, you can do it. You can be the bestest YOU possible.

Remember: to keep a Man with your flawless obedience, you first have to catch his attention. Only after he is interested in your looks and your body, he can start to experience how docile and submissive you are. So never underestimate what some sluttiness can do for you.

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Quote #5 - Sharon Tate

This quote series honors Sharon Tate. She was an upcoming icon in Hollywood and her tragic death (by the manson family) shocked the world. If she hadn't died, there is a very good chance she would have become one of the greatest style icons of her generation. She was sweet, nice, and fashionable. And also very insightful.

Beauty is only a look. It has nothing to do with what I'm like inside.
Beauty on the outside is important. But you can fix your "outer beauty" with makeup, jewelry, or even surgery. Beauty on the inside, however, is forever.

I honestly don't understand the big fuss made over nudity and sex in films. It's silly.
It really is. We all should stop making a big deal out of nudity and sex. We all are nude under our clothes and we all know what sex looks like. There is no shame in any of that.

I guess I kind of lived in a fairytale world... looking at everything through rose-colored glasses. I probably always will, to a certain extent.
You choose how you see the world. Is it full of mean idiots that want to harm you, or is it full of nice people and endless opportunities? Only you can decide. So put your rose-colored glasses on and choose to be happy.

And my father was rather strict with me and my two younger sisters. He insisted on proper behaviour and very often vetoed our choices of boyfriends. There was always a curfew whenever my sisters or I would go out on a date — we had to be home on time or else. But I never resented his authority. In fact, I'm thankful for my strict upbringing; I feel it has helped me learn discipline — and that's very important in this business.
Discipline really helps a lot. Not only in show business but in life. Don't be a slob, don't be a bitch. Be a nice, well mannered girl that follows direction - and life will be much easier and more pleasant.

I still have this teddy bear I've had since I was three...and all my boxes, all kinds of boxes. I just won't give them up. It's like if I give them up, I've given in to being a movie star. 
Never ever let go of your childhood happiness. Revisit those awesome memories whenever you want. You can go back to adulting later.

I'd like to be a fairy princess — a little golden doll with gossamer wings, in a voile dress, adorned with bright, shiny things. I see that as something totally pure and beautiful. Everything that's realistic has some sort of ugliness in it. Even a flower is ugly when it wilts, a bird when it seeks its prey, the ocean when it becomes violent.
Your vision and dreams will always be unrealistic, but that is fine. Real life is sometimes rough and sometimes wild. It is what we make of it that matters.

I can't play games. I have friends, older women, who tell me I'm foolish to let Roman know how deeply I care about him. They tell me all sorts of things like "keep a man guessing", "men become bored with too much devotion". They tell me I am being foolish. Well, foolish I am.
Honesty always reigns supreme. Foolish girls get their prince charming.

We have a good arrangement. Roman lies to me and I pretend to believe him.
The basis of any successful relationship :D

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Groping is a compliment

People often say "actions speak louder than words". This is very true, since "you look nice today" is pretty easy to say without even meaning it. But when a girl has such a sexy ass that you just have to grab it - that is where real compliments come from. No Man would touch a girl that he thinks is gross, right? So when he does touch you, it means he likes you, he wants you.

So don't be offended when a Man wants to enjoy your body. It is a compliment, it is something nice. Talk is cheap, so watch for his actions. Does he want to touch you? Enjoy you? Own you? Then he likes you. Does he stare at your tits? Then he likes them. Does he spank your ass? Then he likes your ass.

Watch what a Man does. His actions mean way more than his words. So know that groping is a big compliment.

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The gender pay gap lie 

This is a controversial topic because everyone knows girls get paid less, right? i have found this clip from 1981 that already explains why the gap is a myth. And since then, we have had many more studies to dig deeper and deeper into it. First of all, let me say that salary is part of the reason to chose a job, but certainly not the only reason. Work/Life balance, stress, commute, colleagues, etc. also play a major factor in it. And if you prefer a relaxed low effort workplace, you will earn less than someone in a high stress work place. But like with many feminist points the gender wage gap crumbles pretty fast if you dare to look at it a little bit. The first interesting question is: why do companies hire male employees? Big companies are usually very ruthless and efficient at eliminating costs. So why waste money and hire a man for a job a woman can do for less?

But of course, this is a rhetoric question and just shows that there has to be something wrong with that "gap". The problem is correlation and causation, meaning girls get paid less on average, but are they get paid less because they are girls or because of other factors. Take for example the question: do brunettes get paid more than blondes or vice versa? Suddenly it sounds pretty ridiculous to ask that.

Personality traits factor in a lot when negotiating for a raise. There are for example the Big Five personality traits (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism). Your personality hugely impacts your interaction with other people, especially in negotiations. For example, an introvert with high agreeableness would not negotiate as forceful as an extravert with low agreeableness. We know that girls and Men have a difference here, certain traits are more common in each gender. 

So there are studies to show that having certain personality traits do directly factor in your salary. Conscientious (organized) people do earn more money than agreeable people, on average. Of course, there are other factors as well. For example, girls do outperform men in their early 20s in wages (how many feminists do you know that protest this injustice?). So it is hard to argue that the wage gap is an inherent bias. Also when looking at how wages develop over time, you can see they are nonlinear. That means early successes in getting a bigger raise scale insanely well at higher ages. Small advantages you gain at the start of your career can propel you way higher later on. Coincidentally the wage gap rises with age.

There is, of course, the biological fact that girls get pregnant as well. This possibility of having kids does come with a cost, but usually at older ages when the girl missed a few years of work for her maternal leave. There is a significant wage drop on average when a girl gets her first child. Which of course makes sense because usually, the focus of a girl shifts from being career focused to focus more on her family. While at the same time fathers earn more money because they feel an increased drive to support their family financially (ie compensating the wage drop his wife experienced).

Longer hours at work aslo get nonlinear pay raises. So if someone is willing to spend overtime at work, this usually affects the salary very nicely. Girls with kids basically never do that, they generally lose a certain drive they might have had at work and put this effort more into their kids. Girls who don't get kids don't get these wage drops and they keep on par with men because they do have similar personality traits to men.

So if we look closely at why girls get paid less, we learn that there are many factors but gender is not really one of them. There are different factors at play and probably a few more i didn't mention. But when looking at the pay gap, people often forget one of the most paramount rules of statistics: correlation does not imply causation. So while girls do get paid less on average, this does not mean it is caused by them being girls. And since hardly any feminist would ever look this deep into this topic and rather keep parroting things that fit their narrative, i have to consider feminism to be harmful.

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The Gender-equality paradox 

This is an interesting phenomenon about how more egalitarian societies increase the differences between girls and men and not decrease them. We always assumed that gender differences would get smaller and smaller the more equal rights and opportunities we get. Turns out, "we" (or shall i say the social studies) were wrong. i want to emphasize that this is not just one study with dubious claims, this is now accepted as a scientific fact. Even though most people instinctively knew it, but now we also have the scientific data to back up the claim that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

These differences also make sense, if you think about it. Men and girls are not the same, our personalities and interests vary. For example, if you take 2 random people, one girl, and one man, and bet on who is the more agreeable person, you would bet on the man and win in about 60% of the cases. So it is not a huge margin, but it is measurable. If we just look at the personality traits of a person, we can determine their gender with about 75% accuracy. Once again, not super extreme but yet defined and measurable.

Girls are more interested in people and men are more interested in things. There are, of course, girls who are into things and men who are into people, that is normal statistical variance. The interesting stuff happens on the extremes though. If we look at engineering and nursing for example. People who chose engineering as a profession are really hardcore into things. And people who chose nursing are really hardcore into people. These extremes mean that engineers are basically all male and nursing is basically all female. At the same time, a normal office job is filled with both genders because it does not have extreme aspects to it.

The reason why, especially in nordic countries, girls stay away from STEM fields way more than in the USA is mainly because they don't have to do STEM. STEM field jobs usually provide way more potential for higher income and that makes people pursue these fields even if they lack interest in them. If we now remove this pressure of STEM being "better", we of course weed out the people who are not into it and were just there for the money. Nothing wrong with pursuing a job solely because the pay is nice, but there also shouldn't be anything wrong with picking a job that you genuinely like.

So we did the math and did the studies and what not and it turns out: men and girls are different and have different likes and dislikes. We should have known this since baby girls gravitate toward dolls and baby boys gravitate towards trucks to play with (not only in humans but in monkeys too). The big question is: what does this mean?

It means we cannot force people into jobs using quotas and affirmative action. And why should we even want to do that? What is wrong with people choosing freely what they want? It, however, means that we have to abandon the idea of a 50/50 split between the genders in any profession. Some just attract more male employees, some attract more female employees, and some attract about an equal amount of both. We have to accept this.

We also have to look into the future and discover what girls really want. It is not a question of can girls compete in male fields, because we proved that it is possible, but do we want to compete? In US law firms there is a big exodus of girls after they turned 30-35. Some of the girls reached "partner" status in the law firm, which is basically as high as you can get. And then they looked around and decided a family might not be so bad to have. Therefore many girls leave their careers behind. This does not mean they cannot compete (they have proven they can reach the top of their profession), it instead means they chose not to. This is an important distinction that feminism often fails to accept: what girls want matters.

Feminism judges girls only by male standards and that means girls choosing a family over a career is a weird thing. Men don't do that. Men actually work harder and more hours when they have a family to support, so they can earn more money and provide better for their family. For girls this is usually the other way round, we invest time instead of money in the family, in nurturing the children and making a home.

So maybe it is time to stop telling girls to be more like Men and just listen to what they want? Feminism is all about what girls should do and how we should feel and whom we should fight against, but there is never any thought given to: what we want. And since feminism is not willing to look at the well being of girls and won't let us have our own interests and choices, i just have to consider feminism to be harmful.

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That moment... 

when you really really wanna cum, but there is just no Man around to give your permission.

It really can tough and even frustrating sometimes but selfish pleasures is never the answer. We just cannot ignore the fact that male consent matters. Men deserve this kind of respect. We just cannot go around and cumming all day, that's no way to be a girl. So know that it is perfectly fine to masturbate and edge as much as you want, and more importantly where you want, but you cannot go around cumming whenever you feel like it.

Sex (and that includes female masturbation) is about male pleasure. We want to be good for them, we want them to like us. So masturbating keeps us horny and also it stops us from having dry pussies. Because when a Man wants to enjoy you and you have a dry pussy, that can be considered rude. Masturbating and especially edging schedules can really help you with that.

Pro Tip: Edging right before you fall asleep guarantees nicer dreams.

So when you need to cum, need it so bad. You gotta find a Man to give you his consent. When you are in a relationship, it's easy. Ask your Man. When you are single it can be a bit more tough, but luckily there are many Men on the internet and if you are nice, pleasant, and submissive they will eventually grant you permission. So don't worry, you will get permission sooner or later, as long as you are a good girl and don't do selfish things.

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