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A body like this!

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Well, to be honest, most girls will never get a body like hers. It does not only take pure dedication over a very long time but also a lot of money. Getting fit and looking good can be done by the power of will alone, but her grade of sexiness requires the right funds as well.

Yet we shouldn't knock it off. People often talk about unrealistic beauty standards and how they are unhealthy. How it is bad to long for something you can never achieve. But i think this is exactly what we need. We need to want a body like this. We need to crave a body like this. This will keep us focused and motivated.

Goals are supposed to be unbelievably high. NASA scientists don't think like a city on Mars is unrealistic and therefore we shouldn't work on it. They know it will take time and probably a few generations, but the dream is there. When a young singer starts singing and performing her music, does she expect to be bigger than Michael Jackson, Britney, and Madonna? No, she does not. She dreams of being this big and the dream keeps her going.

With beauty, it is the same thing. We need role models like Aletta Ocean to show us what could be. To show us what we can dream about. Even if we will never reach her body form, we are not wrong in trying. We just have to accept that dreams are dreams. Dreams aren't supposed to be easy to achieve. They are goals to long for. And most dreams will never be fulfilled, that is just a part of life.

So stare at her body, imagine being her. This is all very healthy. Because then you will get out and into the gym and work your cute lil' ass off. It is about the journey. About working towards a goal. It is like being polite. Will you always be polite in every situation and never lose your temper? Probably not. But tell me, is it unhealthy to try?

A body like this is a goal worth working for. Even if we know we will never achieve it. But just getting a bit closer is worth so much. Self-improvement is a steady road. And it does not matter how far away you are from the goal - all that matters is that in a few weeks you will be a tad bit closer your goal. Improvement does not care about speed, all that counts is going in the right direction.

So i want all the girls admitting it now: Yes, i want a body like this! It is good to have dreams. Striving for things that seem unattainable is what makes us human. It is what made us evolve. Long for the stars, dear girls, long for the stars.

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