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Girls are so kissable. 

Girls are supposed to be kissed. They are soft, warm, and tender. You don't have to be a man to enjoy a girl's body. You don't even need to be a lesbian or bisexual to enjoy another girl's lips. We taste so sweet and even smell dreamily nice. It is no wonder girls kissing each other is such a hot topic in pop culture.

A girl's sexuality is primarily for Men to enjoy anyways and Men certainly like it when Girls Kiss Girls. And for us, it is fun too. It can be such an easy way to turn Men on and it is definitely a good way to catch a Man's attention. So even if you don't enjoy kissing another girl that much (why though?) it still has some incredible benefits.

In Austria, we usually kiss the cheeks to greet someone, but my girlfriends and I, we kiss each other on the lip. No tongue though, just a tender peck. Open tongue would be hot, but you gotta start somewhere :)

Sometimes i just wanna kiss girls girls girls. So you can go for it too! Enjoy how awesome girls are. Don't leave all the pleasure to the Men.

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