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Question from my bdsmlr: You often say male pleasure should come first. But you also want girls to adopt the lifestyle you envision. My question is: why would girls want to partake in a lifestyle that puts their pleasure second? (PS: I'm not a girl. Just curious as to what's enjoyable to a female whose sex life is primarily for her man to get off.)

Yes, male pleasure is paramount. This does however not mean that a girl's pleasure is unimportant, it just ranks 2nd, directly behind male pleasure.

In a lot of areas, it is the polite or the right thing to do to have your spouse or a friend come first. As a host at a party, you are supposed to look after the guests, as a parent you are supposed to put your kids first, as a ship captain you are supposed to look after everyone leaving the ship before you in an emergency. Lots of areas where it is just what is expected: selfishness is often frowned upon. So putting your Men's pleasure first is nothing unreasonable or never heard of the concept.

Also, girls LOVE to nurture. We want our Man to have a good time. But it goes deeper like that. A girl should want to be the most precious possession her Man owns. It comes down to traditional gender roles. The Man has to decide, he has to pick out the dates, plan them and pay for them. This is the Man's job. The girl's job is to be agreeable and pretty. This is of course very simplified now, but there are certain roles we gotta play. You gotta know your place, right?

Besides social norms, there is also the part of sex. Men want sex more often than we do. That is just basic biology. So, in general, it is pretty unpractical to make every sex about the girl, because she won't be in the mood for that. It is much easier and better to focus on the Man in these situations.

Also, the orgasm is a big part of it. Men cum fast. They get the pleasure from the orgasm and the build-up to it, while nice, is not what sex is all about for them. For us girls it's different. We can have AMAZING sex without cumming. Our orgasm can be super nice, but actual for us it is quality over quantity. While a Man can cum 3 quick times and always feel the same, we don't get the same enjoyment from 3 quick orgasms as we do from one really intense one.

And since it is about the intense ones with us girls, it is better to set them aside for special occasions. Edging helps to build them out and sex comes down to "advanced edging" if you want. So when the time is right, the Man can allow the female orgasms and it will be glorious. Believe me, this system produces a much higher quality of sex life for the girl :)

Of course, there are the greedy girls that always want to cum and do so. But during sex, if you are focused on your own orgasm, you don't pay 100% attention to your partner. And i for one, don't want to be THAT bitch. When my Owner is fucking me, i want him to enjoy it to the fullest. i want him to always come back to ME when he is horny. i want to show him how special i feel that he chose me. Sex is kind of like the reward he gets for being a good Man. And i want him to enjoy it as much as possible.

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