Get ahead by giving head!  

How to get what you want from life? For Men this is a complicated thing. It is about taking charge, picking his battles and achieving things. Being a Man is a tough thing. Luckily, we are girls. For a girl to get what she wants from life is pretty simple: give head.

Men love getting their dick sucked. And if you do a good job, he will like you. And when a Man likes you, he will watch out for you and provide for you. So to get ahead in life, you have to give head. You have to give Men what they want, so they will give you what you want. And Man have the power and strength to provide us with everything we could ever dream of. They are our knights in shining armor.

So it is pretty simple. Get ahead by giving head. But even if you don't understand all the concepts, just try giving more blowjobs. Offer them more freely. You will instantly see an improvement in how Men treat you. And being valued by Men, being liked and loved and lusted after, this is what being a girl is all about. Be smart, give head. 


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