Cleavage is not everything!  

Cleavage is good, cleavage is fine. And i would never discourage any girl from going full cleavage. But like everything else in life, variety is the spice that stops life from being boring. Don't always dress the same, mix things up. There are so many ways to look good. Stay true to your cleavages and your "accidental" downblouses, but know what else is out there.

Cleavage is and always will be the king of tit presentation. But don't forget about all the other ways to look good. Sideboob, for example, is a very sexy way to show off your tits. It requires a whole new set of moves and postures to really emphasize your sideboob. But that is the fun of being a girl, we can be creative in so many ways. With sideboobs, your arms play a super important role. While cleavage is mostly about angles, sideboob is in a big part about arm movement. Get creative, be inventive.

The Underboob is another example. It can sometimes be tricky to get the right tops to show good underboobs, but when you find those tops, you will really feel the difference. Underboob requires completely different angles to be enjoyed. And it is much easier to "accidentally" raise your top too high to show more underboob, your shoulders can work like an elevator.

Boobs are to be shown off, so find new ways every day. Don't just give Men the same angles every day. They will eventually get bored. Instead, keep them guessing and wondering what view you will offer them. Make them anticipate seeing you! 


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