Use your Superpower  

i've been rereading Worm, the best superhero story there is, was and ever will be. Well, maybe Ward (the sequel) is better, but i haven't read it yet.

It is about a world where about 1 in 8000 has some form of superpower. Like being able to fly, telekinesis, etc. Except that the powers are super diverse and it is really fun to read about them. No Superman kind of boring stuff.

There is one girl called Amy, she has the superpower to heal people. She just touches someone and then reconfigures the body to remove the illness or broken bones or whatever. She can cure cancer and everything.

Because of her Superpowers, Amy feels the duty to help people. To sacrifice her own well being to be constantly in hospitals healing people. She knows she can never heal everyone but she tries very hard to heal as many people as she possibly can, even at the cost of her own happiness. 

Now i know no one has this kind of superpowers but every girl has a gift. The gift of sucking. We may not be able to save a Man's life, but we can save a Man's day. We may not be able to bring health but we can bring happiness. So it is kind of our superpower. The power of cocksucking to make Men feel good. So it is kind of our duty to use this power for good, right?

So, i ask you this, is it selfish to not suck as many cocks as we possibly can? We can never suck all the cocks in the world, but we still can try to suck as many as possible.

Isn't every time we sit bored at home a wasted chance to make a big impact on random Man's life? Isn't this a wasted opportunity, a wasted part of our lives? Also, practice makes perfect, so by sucking cock we get better at it and in turn spread more happiness to the Men we blow.

For girls with Owners, this is different of course, because we have to follow his rules. But for single girls, is there really any viable excuse to not be sucking cock right now?

Of course, this is kinda philosophical, because we still need to work on ourselves and look pretty and docile. Sucking cock is an important part of a girl's life but so are looks and attitude. You can't have a bubbly bimbo personality without working on it. So don't give up everything for cock (especially since ugly and grumpy girls don't get Men to give them cock). But i bet every girl out there could easily increase their time sucking cock without impacting other parts of their life.

So, dear girls, are you using your superpower for good? Are you doing your part?


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