The decline of female happiness

First installment in the "Feminism considered harmful" series.

While girls get more and more protection and rights, this goes hand in hand with a decline in relative happiness. There is an interesting study called "The Paradox of Declining of Female Happiness". Which analyzed that girls are less happy now (compared to Men) than they were in the 1970s. So even with added rights, freedoms, and responsibilities, girls don't get happier. Interestingly enough the invention of contraception was the biggest increase in female happiness ever measured. Which kinda makes sense, planning for a family is always better than accidentally falling into one.

The number one thing anyone should care about is not whether something is supposed to be good but rather if it is good. Having more freedom looks nice on paper, but what is it really worth if it comes with less happiness and an increase in suicide rates. While Men still account for the vast majority of suicides, girls are rising fast. Girls have usually low "success" rates in suicide (meaning they survive it more often) but are catching up to Men in lethality. Especially in the teen years girl suicides are skyrocketing.

So if we are looking objectively at feminism and if it is good or harmful to girls, we have to accept the fact that feminism does not increase the quality of life for girls. The usual feminist response seems to push for more power, more rights, more protection, etc. yet the data shows that more of those things don't lead to happier lives. And with especially teen girls rising suicide rates (so feminism is literally killing girls), this is also not just a problem of one generation but rather something serious that is getting worse over time.

i personally think that the most important thing in life is being happy. Everything else is just an afterthought. And while i do believe there are happy feminists, studies have shown that traditional gender roles lead to happier couples. In all studies about happiness over time, feminism is way down there with the worst of things. Also most self-help-books and psychiatrists would agree, happiness can not be found when looking at other people and telling them how to live their life. The key to happiness is found within yourself. With quiet and calm Zen. By focusing on the good parts, enjoying the simple pleasures, and giving joy to the world. And none of those things can be found within feminism.

Sometimes we do have to fight, but those things are inherently bad. We just have to work through them, overcome them. Sometimes it is a necessary evil we have to submit ourselves to. But feminism is not just about one particular thing, it is a way of living. It is the warrior's way of finding enemies even where there are none. So even if feminism would be morally the right thing to do (and i disagree with this statement) then it should still be questioned because it obviously harms girls. It makes our lives miserable. There just are no more important goals in life than to find happiness. And since feminism is detrimental to happiness, i have to consider feminism to be harmful.


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