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First Times

For a long time, i didn't understand what Men find hot about this. A girl licking a toilet or other non-sexual but icky things. But nowadays i know that it isn't about sex, it is about dignity. A normal person wouldn't lick the toilet, but a dirty whore would. That means by licking the toilet the girl admits to being a dirty whore. She shows that she has no boundaries, that she will do anything for him. Often it does not even matter what it is she does, as long as she does it because he wants it (and would never do it without him demanding it). And the more repulsive the action is, the more turned on the Man gets.

By debasing ourselves, by lowering ourselves to toilet licking whores, we can attract male attention. Every girl can look pretty in a dress, it is not that difficult. And while it is also not technically difficult to lick a toilet, most girls get stopped by their pride and dignity. Only by being able to overcome those burdens, we can show Men that we are worth their time. We can show them that we don't act inside the normal morals, that we are not like all the other girls, we are better, more fun. Of course, toilet licking is here just an example, not every Man will be into this particular action, but what they are into is into pushing the boundaries of what is considered "normal".

In that sense, it is kind of a test. A test if we are ready to submit or if our pride and dignity have ruined us. When it comes to sex Men have a very dirty and creative mind. There will always be new things that they invent. Just look at the porn industry. One would assume that by now every kind of porn has already been shot but yet the industry is booming with more and more videos coming out each day. Men don't want to let their sex life get stale, they need new things. So while it might have been enough to show some ankle 150 years ago, today Men need more. They need dirty sluts. They need us to throw away the "morals" of society and go the extra mile. Where it once has been showing some ankle, then maybe some knee and now we are in a time where clean-shaven pubic hair and anal sex is expected.

It won't stop. It will keep going. Men will need more and more, we can't just sit back and relax on the basis that we once licked a toilet. No, Men need more and need it repeated. You cannot do things for the first time twice. Once you degraded yourself in a certain way, you can repeat it but you can never make happen for the first time again. With each repeat, it will get easier and more normal. That is why morals shift - there will always be people on the edge of what is "normal" and push the boundaries a little further. And after a while, it is not seen as weird anymore and a new normal gets created.

So keep in mind that with every degrading action, with every defiance of your pride and with every renouncing of your dignity, you shift what's normal a little bit further. And every first you give your Man just ingrains you in his brain. A Man will not remember the 10th blowjob he got, but he sure as hell still knows everything about the first time he came into a girl's mouth.

Do your research and check the porn sites for new stuff. Look at what is trending, those are the videos Men are watching. Watching something is the first step. After they have seen plenty of it, they will want to experience it. So prepare by watching the same videos and get used to the ideas in porn. Over time even the most degrading actions can appear normal to us, use this to your advantage and always be one step ahead :)

Of course, this does not mean that this is all Men want. Men want a variety of things, they are quite complex beings. But porn, sex, and degradation go hand in hand. Every Man is influenced by them to some extent. Some more and some less. But it never hurts to dismantle any pride you might feel. Pride never helped anyone, it is poisonous. With dignity it is the same. No girl ever got her prince charming because she was the most dignified. No Man ever had an orgasm from respecting a girl.

I had this epiphany a while ago while watching one of my favorite movies: Mini's First Time. It is a movie about how things are only really fun the first time you do them. And once they are done, there is no way of undoing them and each repeat is just an echo of the first time.

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House Dress

House Dress - do you have one? This is a pet peeve of mine. So many girls don't know about House Dresses and therefore don't even own one.

We can't always dress the way we want. We can't always wear the sexiest dresses or the shortest skirts. We try to dress nicely regardless, but certain styles of clothing are just not ready to be worn in public. But at home, we don't have strangers watching and judging us. We can be as free as we want (or our Sir permits) to be.

This is where the House Dress comes in. When you come home from work, don't just kick off your heels and slump down on the couch. Take this opportunity to wear something special. Put on something really sexy, something too extravagant or too slutty to wear it in public. At home, you can be as daring as you want (or your Sir requires). Freshen up your Makeup and style yourself. Wear something appropriate at home. Wear a nice House Dress. And don't forget your House Shoes with it.

It does not always have to be a dress, it can be some lingerie as well. What matters is to change once you get home. Housedresses are super fun and it's also a good way to get comfortable wearing more revealing clothes. You can even experiment a lot more with fashion at home. How short can your skirts go? How tight can your dresses go? Housedresses are fun, even if they take that little extra effort. Always changing when coming home, reapplying the makeup, redoing the hair,... But they are soooo worth it! Put something nice on, something that maybe you are not yet comfortable wearing in public. You can train yourself to love wearing these clothes and you will be able to wear them outside much easier. This works incredibly well for getting used to higher Heels as well.

And also, if you have male guests, they will really appreciate your outfit!

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Sluts make the world a happier place!

Sluts are fun, sluts make Men happy. Sluts are nice to look at, sluts are playful and of course, sluts are very good to fuck. It really is no wonder that Men just love sluts. You don't even have the be the biggest slut to make our world a happier place, small things can come a long way. The boy scouts, for example, say, if you do just one good deed every day, and it doesn't even have to be a big one, you are actively improving this world. But we girls can do so much more, why not do a Slut Deed a day instead?

So my Owner and i, we thought about some things everyone can do. Of course, don't do all things at the same time, take breaks. The most important thing about being a good slut is to have fun. You have to enjoy yourself. Only if you enjoy yourself, Men can enjoy you. No one wants a sad slut. Sluts are supposed to be happy and playful.

Please, dear girls, take this list as suggestions on what you can do. Feel free to improve upon this or just send me your own suggestion. Keep it realistic and fun. This should not be fantasy list, this should be things everyone can do. You don't have to be a Sasha Grey to be a good slut, just keep in mind the 2 things that define a slut: an insatiable hunger for fucking and all things sexy, and submissiveness towards Men. So take small steps. Small improvement is perfectly fine. What matters is constant improvement, not the size of the steps you take.

At public:

  • drive topless (or bottomless) in your car
  • overdress for a casual event (for example wear a sexy tight minidress with immaculate makeup to a cinema evening with friends)
  • wear too high heels to an event (for example after hours drinking with your colleagues)
  • watch porn on your phone while riding on public transport (or any other public activity)
  • instead of music, listen to sex/porn sounds on your phone (especially in public)
  • lick/suck on a lollipop/ice cream cone in a sexual manner in public
  • write slut/fuckdoll/cock socket/... on your ankle/lower foot and go out without covering it up (somewhere where it is very difficult to see, but still technically visible)
  • wear a butt plug in public (bonus points if its while going out with friends)
  • wear nipple clamps in public (you can use a loose sweater)
  • when going shopping, give your Man a blowjob in a dressing room (or any other semi-public place, works awesome in restaurant toilets too)
  • masturbate in a public restroom (or at your friends house or work)
  • fondle your own tits in public (over your top, but maybe pinch your nipples)
  • wear a very short skirt without panties
  • wear tight pants/shorts with a cameltoe
  • remove your underwear in public
  • "forget" your wet panties in a public place
  • purposefully upskirt someone in public (it's OK to wear panties, or you can upskirt no one - just spread your legs while no one is looking)
  • purposefully give a someone a perfect view of your cleavage by "accidentally" bending over in their face
  • wear stockings under a short skirt with the stocking-top showing
  • carry a sex toy in your bag and always leave it open
  • in a sex shop, ask for and buy the largest dildo they have
  • in a pet shop try on some dog collars
  • ask someone for obvious direction (like for the street you are currently on) and then apologize by saying something along the lines "oh sorry, i am such a stupid slut".

At home:
  • wear nothing but high heels and lingerie the whole day at home (or any other super sexy stuff)
  • cook a meal in nothing but high heels and an apron
  • wear nipple clamps/ben wa balls the whole day
  • take a selfie in sexy lingerie (do your make up, go all out, just for this one photo)
  • take a selfie with cum in your mouth/on your face
  • masturbate (and try to cum) without touching your clit or inserting something into your pussy
  • suck a dildo in front of a mirror without breaking eye contact with yourself
  • dress up and style yourself like a porn star, then masturbate to your own reflection
  • take a hand mirror and really study your pussy

Dear girls, please use this list as a guide to work on your sluttiness. Do one slut deed a week, or more often, but don't push yourself too hard. Remember that being a good slut is about having fun and entertaining Men :)

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Height Matters

There are scientific studies that show that men find women in high heels more attractive than women in flat shoes. But even more so, the higher the heels, the more interested men are into the woman.

This has many reasons which are not fully explored yet, but some contributing factors are the enforced posture change and the projection of helplessness. Damsels in distress have always allured men, so to appear vulnerable is often times a good way to catch a man's eye. High heels make us less steady and less agile, therefore appeal to a man's chivalry to protect us. This is a subconscious thing and men wanting to help and safeguard us is not a testimony to how weak we are, but to how precious we are.

So don't just go for high heels over flat shoes, always go for the highest heels possible. Sometimes agility and balance matters, then it is best to opt for kitten wedges. But most of the time it should be stilettos with an ever-growing height.

Don't wear heels you don't feel comfortable in yet. Practice with them at home, because hardly anything is less sexy than a girl stumbling along in her shoes. Wear the highest heels you can comfortably walk in and keep on training with higher ones at home.

Because height matters. Men will react better and better towards you, even on a subconscious level. Beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder, but smart women know how to nudge him in the right direction.
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