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Try wearing a shorter skirt!

Try wearing a shorter skirt tomorrow than you did today. And repeat each day :) Especially now in the summer, there is no excuse for wearing anything else than a skirt. And if you are already wearing one, just go shorter!

There is no such thing as a too short skirt. You can always go shorter. Just try to do it, the effect it has on Men will be mesmerizing to you. Just don’t forget the matching High Heels to really accentuate your legs. You don’t have to go overboard on the first day. Just steadily, each day a little shorter than the last day. And if you are scared the skirt is too short, just wear boyshorts underneath until you are more comfortable in thongs or going commando. Skirts are fun, so have fun with them. But always keep improving. Even if it is just 1mm each day...

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