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Men stand and girls kneel

There is just a fundamental difference between our genders. Even though girls can stand strong and Men can kneel docile, it never really feels right for either.

It is basic biology when we think about it. Men are hunters, predators. They take charge, they "go for it". It doesn't always work out and no Man is faultless. But it is in their nature to try and shoot for the moon.

With us girls it is different. We don't like risks. We play it safe and rather follow a well laid out path than make split-second decisions. Overthinking is a big problem for girls.

So when both genders come together, we can support and complement each other. Men take charge but the simple fact that they are now responsible for a fragile girl makes them more risk-aware. Men have no problem risking their own lives, but risking their loved ones? That is what makes them be extra careful. And girls don't like uncharted territories where anything could happen, but if there is a safety net in the form of a Man taking care of us, we can dare to jump into the unknown.

Men thrive when they can take charge and lead. They flourish when they are making impactful decisions. Girls prosper when they can take care of things and nurture them to make them grow and go beyond. They can help Men grow and blossom, while Men have the ability to take girls out of their shells and still keep them safe.

Men benefit from having a girl to take care and girls benefit from leadership. It is a match made in heaven. We just have to be bold enough to admit it: Men stand and girls kneel. None is superior to the other, it is just 2 different sides of a coin. You cannot have a leader without a follower and you cannot follow without a leader.

That means we need to work together.
Dear Man, stand tall and take charge.
Dear girls, kneel docile and follow.

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The Right Mix

Being pretty is super important. Like, really really super mega duper important. But you gotta understand that you can always be prettier. Even good Amy Lee Summers here has things about her body she doesn’t like. It really does not matter how good you look, there will always be things to improve.

But being pretty is not all that matters. You gotta be obedient too. Obedience is the best way to make Men like you more. Of course, Men will always go for the beautiful girls first and the more beautiful you are, the more attention you will get from Men. And Men do have a high tolerance for taking crap from a pretty girl as well. But at the end of the day, Men prefer docile, obedient girls to bitchy ones.

So use this to your advantage. Maybe you can’t be the most pretty girl in a room, but you can improve your value with obedience. Men will trade down a bit for a docile girl. For ease of maintenance. For user-friendliness.

Work on your body, but don’t forget your mind. There will always be girls prettier than you. There will always be girls more fuckable than you. There will always be girls more obedient than you. There will be better cooks, dancer, cleaners, cock suckers,… whatever. You can’t be the best in everything, but you can have a perfect mix.

Look at all the qualities Men like in a girl and work on all of them. Put Men first with whatever you do. Always ask yourself: will Men like this? Your biggest obstacles at first will be dignity and self-respect. But once you get rid of them, you can be every Men’s dream girl. So even if this girl is hotter than you, you are dressed sluttier than her. And if this girl sucks cock so much better than you, well you are much better at following orders than her. It is the right mix that wins!

And in that spirit: dear Men, what are the qualities you like in a girl?

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