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Groping is a compliment

People often say "actions speak louder than words". This is very true, since "you look nice today" is pretty easy to say without even meaning it. But when a girl has such a sexy ass that you just have to grab it - that is where real compliments come from. No Man would touch a girl that he thinks is gross, right? So when he does touch you, it means he likes you, he wants you.

So don't be offended when a Man wants to enjoy your body. It is a compliment, it is something nice. Talk is cheap, so watch for his actions. Does he want to touch you? Enjoy you? Own you? Then he likes you. Does he stare at your tits? Then he likes them. Does he spank your ass? Then he likes your ass.

Watch what a Man does. His actions mean way more than his words. So know that groping is a big compliment.

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