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Don't be subtle 

Don't ever try to be subtle with Men. They are not good at understanding subtle hints. Flirting is best done very bold. Men want it, they need it, spelled out. If you like a Sir, you better tell him as straight and direct as possible and well, as feminine as possible to his face.

When flirting, don't just tell him he as nice biceps, he will think you just liked his biceps. Instead, show him what you want. We girls are often too reserved and wait for the Man to make the first move. This is perfectly natural and fine, but it doesn't mean you have to sit pretty and wait. Go on the offensive.

Show your cleavage, upskirt him, bend over - be as forward as you dare, but also as passively feminine as is required. It is his role to ask you out (or get rejected), you don't have to set yourself up for this kind of drama. Also never deny a Man his chase. If he just gets you without any work, that is no fun. So give him his due chase when he asks you out but always show him that his goal (you) is within grasp.

So try asking him for his help, make eye contact, offer yourself to him. Make it as clear as you can because he will not pick up on it easily. So don't be dismayed if he ignores you at first, he very likely didn't understand your advances. Men don't get offers from girls like that. The Men in the picture might even think she wants him off the couch so she can stretch out and relax. Men are amazing geniuses when it comes to solving problems, but with social cues they are useless.

So don't be subtle girls. And if a Man ignores you, just come back with more force. Unless he clearly states "No", he is fair game. But also remember that Men like submissive girls that do as they are told. Sometimes this can be the best way to catch a Man's attention, by being exceptionally obedient.

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