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Don't forget about Ass

We are often so focused on tits and how bouncy they are and how men just love playing with and staring at them, that we forget that girls are way more than just a pair of tits. We are a bunch of ass too. Unlike tits, you can actively work on your ass without any surgery. Just do your exercises and practice daily (but don't overwork it). And soon you will have a jiggling ass like the one in the GIF. Your ass is important! Don't neglect it.

Having a fine piece of ass can make the difference. Men always look at tits first, but then they look at our ass. Long and sexy legs that melt into a tight and round ass, that is what male dreams are made of. And this is also what they see when they fuck us from behind, this is what they see when they open up the door and let us walk through, this is what they see when they discipline us. Men spend a very long time looking at our asses, so girls, do your exercises and don't forget about ass.

Remember Nicki Minaj, "My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun". And you do want that anaconda, hun :)

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