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Happiness is just a bounce away

The whole Thank God It's Titty Bounce Day Archive can be found on pornhub.

While we all know that Men love boobs, we often underestimate HOW much they love them. Tits can be fun but for us girls, they are also often in the way. Especially when they bounce needlessly and if not outright hurt, at least get in the way.

But Men have a very different view.

They just love boobs. Be they round, big, small, perky, whatever. Men adore tits. Any shape and form.

Boobs have a certain magic when it comes to Men. No matter how down a Man feels, how many hardships he has endured - the sight of some bouncing boobs and maybe even the grabbing and playing with them will cheer him up. Guaranteed.

So i want to raise awareness for tits. They matter. They are awesome. And most of all: they should be community good. Men should enjoy tits. Men should get to see nice cleavages, sideboobs and underboobs, perky nipples and of course, especially today on Titty Bounce Day: some bouncy greatness.

Dear girls, don't be ashamed. Don't stand for slut-shaming and other rude stuff. Be proud of your titties. Show them. Let the Men around you enjoy them. Because if there is one force in the world that can unite all people and bring us eternal world peace: it is bouncing titties. They just look adorable and everyone wants to play with them. So don't hold back. It is summer, so bras are a nuisance at best. Get rid of bras and let the girls swing free.

And then we can all breast boobily to the stairs and tit downwards :) Happiness is just a bounce away!

The whole Thank God It's Titty Bounce Day Archive can be found on pornhub.

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