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Never wear a bikini without matching High HeelsĀ 

Actually, never wear anything without matching High Heels. And actually, even if you are not wearing anything, you should still wear matching High Heels. Heels are just the perfect friend, the perfect accessory to make you look more beautiful. Sometimes at a beach or when sun tanning on grass, a wedge heel might be better than a stiletto, but the fact remains: you look better in high heels.

Like you would never go out without makeup, you should never let other people see you without Heels. They shape our form, they pronounce our assets better than any other item can. High Heels are girl's best friend, so always, and i mean always, wear them. Even home alone, or while sunbathing at the pool. No Exceptions.

Because looking good matters. That is why it is also important to have different styles of bikinis: for tanning, for swimming, and for sports. i used to play a lot of beach volleyball when i was younger and i always wore less sexy but more robust bikinis for that. But when tanning i always wore the most sexy and sometimes even very fragile bikinis. If you know what you are going to do, you can plan accordingly and wear the best things for that occasion. For example, while tanning you can even wear full makeup. You just have to remember to not go into the water :)

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