Skirt Up! - Challenge

i propose a fun little challenge where you cannot win millions in hard cash. Sounds fun, right?

So here is my idea (well, it actually started on my Discord):

This is for all the girls:
During next week, starting Monday 10th August until Sunday 16th, we all agree to the following:

We will put on a different skirt each day (if you don't own enough skirts then buy some more, or just rotate). Dresses are of course also Ok. Length does not matter, though obviously short skirts are always preferred. Pants are allowed for special activities like going to the gym, doing sports, etc. But only for this activity and what usually comes with it. If you feel uncomfortable in a skirt, wear boyshorts as underwear - no leggings or pants. And no cheating or "tricking" the rules like putting on a skirt and then immediately taking it off again to wear pants.

It is summer, so this is about having fun. Short skirts can be awesome during the heat, but don't force yourself to wear things you feel uncomfortable with. Skirts and dresses look cute and sexy. So you should feel cute and sexy while wearing them.

i personally hardly ever wear pants, so it is no biggie for me. But i will still try to post daily using the hashtag #skirtup on my bdsmlr.

Maybe you wanna join me? Maybe not. But at least try wearing more skirts. And if you are already wearing skirts nearly daily, why not go for shorter skirts this week? Let's break out of our daily trot and be crazy for once. Nothing bad can happen.

Skirts are fun, but most of all: Men like us in feminine clothing. And nothing is as sexy and feminine as skirts and dresses! So let's do it for the Men!


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