Only 2 things matter!

Your beauty and your obedience. Everything else is really pretty much unimportant. Well, not really unimportant - things like being a good cook, being a good fuck, and things like that do matter, but beauty and obedience are the basics. The minimum requirement to be a good girl. So try to work on your beauty when you are on your own and try to work on your obedience when you are in the company of Men.

Unpretty girls never get the attention they need and disobedient girls never keep the attention they received. So, dear girls, stay beautiful and work on your body. Get a gym membership, do sports, learn new makeup tricks, go on a shopping spree for slutty clothes,... Do whatever it takes to be the most beautiful version of yourself. Be the most pretty you possible. Remember that beauty comes in many forms and not everyone can have Gigi Hadid's hair, Kim Kardashian Wests' ass, Britney Spears' abs, Aletta Ocean's tits, Kendall Jenner's face, and Rihanna's legs. But just because you don't look like a supermodel (yet) doesn't mean you can slack off. Perfection is not something we ever gonna reach, it is a goal to strive for.

And, for the love god, dear girls, always and i can't stress this enough, always be as obedient as possible. Men have to deal with so much stressful and unfun stuff all day, they really don't need you to add to that. When interacting with a Man, always be super submissive and follow every order to the dot.

If you always keep those 2 simple things in mind, you will find happiness. i promise :)


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