House Dress

House Dress - do you have one? This is a pet peeve of mine. So many girls don't know about House Dresses and therefore don't even own one.

We can't always dress the way we want. We can't always wear the sexiest dresses or the shortest skirts. We try to dress nicely regardless, but certain styles of clothing are just not ready to be worn in public. But at home, we don't have strangers watching and judging us. We can be as free as we want (or our Sir permits) to be.

This is where the House Dress comes in. When you come home from work, don't just kick off your heels and slump down on the couch. Take this opportunity to wear something special. Put on something really sexy, something too extravagant or too slutty to wear it in public. At home, you can be as daring as you want (or your Sir requires). Freshen up your Makeup and style yourself. Wear something appropriate at home. Wear a nice House Dress. And don't forget your House Shoes with it.

It does not always have to be a dress, it can be some lingerie as well. What matters is to change once you get home. Housedresses are super fun and it's also a good way to get comfortable wearing more revealing clothes. You can even experiment a lot more with fashion at home. How short can your skirts go? How tight can your dresses go? Housedresses are fun, even if they take that little extra effort. Always changing when coming home, reapplying the makeup, redoing the hair,... But they are soooo worth it! Put something nice on, something that maybe you are not yet comfortable wearing in public. You can train yourself to love wearing these clothes and you will be able to wear them outside much easier. This works incredibly well for getting used to higher Heels as well.

And also, if you have male guests, they will really appreciate your outfit!


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