Feminism considered harmful

This is the start of a series i call “Feminism considered harmful” which will focus on certain aspects of feminism and why i consider it to be harmful to people. It will look at actual feminism and some science stats behind it. Feminism long evolved from “wanting people to be equal”, so this does not cover 1st or 2nd wave feminism or the ideals behind it, but rather the actual thing we have today and the real-life impact it has on our society. i will try to back up as many of my claims as i can with actual science and research by professionals. 

Feminism is an ideology, or how i like to call it: a religion. And when looking at these things, we can’t look too deep into the theory and ideals of it. We have to look at the practical implications. Like communist ideals aren’t that bad on paper: create a state with shared ownership where everyone has what he needs. No classes, wealth, or other factors dividing us, and everyone is equal. That sounds pretty sweet. But in reality, it didn’t turn out that good (and that’s an understatement). So noble ideas alone don’t save anyone. It’s the practical implications that matter. 

And this is what we are going to look at in this series. Not what feminism is saying (and feminists do often disagree on what feminism actually is) but rather what feminism is doing. That means, even though i have read the classics like the second sex, the bell jar, the feminine mystique, and the woman warrior, we are not going to discuss them. Instead, we will look at society and how feminist actions have shaped and changed it. And then we will see if feminism had a net positive or net negative impact on the world. 

In this series, i will argue why there is a net negative impact and that is why we have to consider feminism to be harmful.


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